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Whenever a thorny problem has arisen political leaders will make great speeches to explain their wisdom in trying to meet the needs of all parties concerned with the problem. They will cite history and precedent and use glowing examples that highlight the thoughts and ideas of others, but in the end they will say and do absolutely nothing. It’s become the thing that the people expect when bad things happen. Sometimes a chosen few with a strong sense of commitment will act, but that is rare and in the end will be second guessed by everyone who didn’t have the same level of courage. Read the rest of this entry

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Over the last several years since the advent of 9/11 a curious pattern of behavior has emerged which has begun to make this writer wonder whether or not we are losing not only our sense of identity, but our sense of strength. IIt had always been the dominant impression that had Al Gore won the 2000 elections and then experienced the 9/11 disaster, he would have probably published a letter to potential Islamic Jihadists that apologized for building those towers where they wanted to fly their planes. Read the rest of this entry

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When it comes to immigration, no matter what you may have heard, there is only one operative issue on the table, and that is the LAW.  Equal protection under the law has been the hallmark of American Jurist Prudence since the founding documents were written and has the rights of the criminal and the victim equally balanced. That means that the law is applied equally and must act not as a moral imperative, but rather as an ethical one. The moral man simply recognizes that the law exists and is just, while the ethical man is compelled to obey it.

Over the years American leadership has made a startling choice to obey laws they only choose to obey. Since Congress can arbitrarily exempt itself from having to be held to obedience of a law they disagree with, they can serve their own desire for power and wealth by ignoring immigration law and making public statements in support of violating the law and encouraging individuals to violate it and illegally cross into the United States. These they hope are potential voters as soon as they can make the case for amnesty. Read the rest of this entry

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Appears Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools played it a little fast and loose with Federal Stimulus Funds resulting in thousands of dollars spent in violation of the terms of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These expenditures included over $400 to send students to watch “Ice Age” and “Terminator” as well as a nearly $1,000 trip to Wet and Wild. What is the school system doing sending kids, even 6-12, to an R-rated Movie anyway? Read the rest of this entry

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“Reality, what a concept,” is the hallmark of Robin Williams reason.  As a concept it exists in the human mind and no where else. Individually it is the synthesis of mans conception and understanding. And so, whatever the majority holds to be true is in fact the truth. By controlling minds, society controls the truth as they perceive it.

Government leaders don’t even try to pretend that their system is intended to be for the benefit of society, because men, being frail and cowardly creatures, seek escape from the burdens of daily responsibility and are inwardly unable to face the truth. Leadership is aware of this fact and have only one aim, and that is to amass power. To them power is not a means, it is an end that is justified by the means. Power means having the ability to inflict unlimited pain and suffering on others to accomplish the desired end. For them it creates reality, and in so doing it creates truth. The position of the power elite can be said to be the extreme form of philosophical idealism, but it is more relevant to recognize that the concept of truth and reality are extreme forms of pragmatism by the people in which the truth becomes subordinate to the ruling elite. Truth is proven by the consensus of millions; so how can a minority of one be right? Read the rest of this entry

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Recently the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) passed a resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party movement. It was at once ironic and idiotic when you considered the history and behavior documented for both groups. Any group that holds a demonstration generally leaves behind a mess and very often property damage and personal injuries. The history and video record of Tea Party demonstrations is that their sites are usually cleaner and left in pristine shape. More to the point, they have never required any attention from law enforcement except to enforce standard crowd control. The only message they have ever made central to their protest is too much taxing, too much spending, too much government, and too much infringement on the freedom of citizens.

There have always been a number of videos on the air and on the web, which feature members of the Tea Party movement juxtaposed by a preponderance of Black politicians, office holders, religious leaders, fringe and main stream racially centric groups. The Tea party message is unrelenting and unless the video is doctored there are members of every racial group participating in their protest. On the other side are fire and brimstone protestations of racism, maltreatment, and other allegations which have very few things in common with reality.  Since the election of the Post Racial President Barack Obama the racial atmosphere in the country has become absolutely toxic and there are many who fear that a race war is just on the horizon. It seems almost idiotic when you consider that the racial problems in fly over country versus those in Washington DC demonstrate more clearly than ever that there are more racists per capita in Washington than in any average city in the US. That does not include New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and the like. Read the rest of this entry

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Starting their plan for monthly meetings as the country moves toward the midterm elections, the Winston-Salem Chapter of the NC Tea Party met at Starbuck’s near Stanleyville to determine their strength and levels of enthusiasm.  The venue selected was expected to accommodate the intimate gathering that organizers expected, but attendance quickly forced the meeting to occupy two rooms in order to avoid fire code violations for occupancy. While about 15 were expected to turn out for this first meeting, it quickly grew to exceed 40, surprising organizers and attendees alike.

The meeting was hosted by Nathan Jones, a candidate for the State Senate in District 32, and was addressed by Joyce Krawiec, the NC Grass Roots Coordinator for Freedom Works.  Nathan, who is the founder of this chapter of the NC Tea Party has made his commitment to the people to run for the State Senate and stand up for the people and his conservative values. Nathan has been a tireless advocate for Constitutional rights and for the rights of the people to be protected from government overreach and abuse. Joyce Krawiec is a lecturer and activist associated with the Freedom Works foundation. Founded in 1984, FreedomWorks is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers nationwide. The organization is chaired by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Joyce spoke passionately on the need for citizens to become involved in the processes that supported elections and to stay in touch with their elected representatives after the fact to be sure that they were kept aware of the peoples voice from day to day. Her own visible passion and interest raised the same passions in her audience who were clearly energized and excited about the prospects of working toward initiating substantial change with the mid term election.

It is clear to all who attended this meeting and to many who will come to future meetings and make their voices heard, that the country needs its citizens to step up and save her from the governance under which she literally suffers now. America is indeed in trouble, and only the citizens who are the life blood of our great nation are empowered with the ability to make the changes necessary. The NC Tea Party shares the same values that Tea Parties across the country do. We join hands in the spiritual sense to put our arms around the country we love and bring her prosperity and promise back for generations yet to come.

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In a total affront to any and all privacy The North Carolina Department Of Revenue FLEW to Seattle to demand Amazon product all records for purchases by North Carolina residents from 2003-2010. Note I capitalized “FLEW” because instead of licking a stamp or using a courier service some enterprising soul in Raleigh figure out how to get a free vacation on you on me by hand delivering the demand letter to Amazon. So not only does the state want to know what you have been reading but they want you to pay for them to find it out while they take cross country flights, stay in hotels and have a nice dinner!

Amazon seeks a declaration that the DOR’s ongoing demand for information that will disclose the names, addresses and purchasing habits of Amazon’s North Carolina customers violates the rights of Amazon to sell, and its customers to purchase, books, movies, music, and other lawful expressive content free from government intrusion into the customers’ reading, viewing and listening choices. These rights are secured under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article I, sections 4 and 5 of the Washington State Constitution, and federal law. The DOR’s demand for the identity of customers who purchased video material also violates the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988, 18 U.S.C. § 2710. Declaratory relief from this Court is necessary to avoid piecemeal litigation or inconsistent rulings in the event other states make similar demands for customer data.

Of course Amazon has turned around and filed an immediate suit to block this request as it flies in the face of any number of court rulings that such information is private however now guess what, we get to send lawyers and their team to Seattle to argue that North Carolina does have a right to this information. Not only are you being asked to provide the state with Federally protected information but your being forced to pay to argue against your own personal rights in a court clear across the country!

The DOR has no business seeking to uncover the identity of Amazon’s customers who purchased expressive content … let alone associating customers’ names and addresses with the specific books, music, and video content that they have purchased,” Amazon wrote. “The collection and disclosure of the customer data … will link those purchases directly to the customers’ names and addresses, exposing their otherwise private reading, viewing, listening and other personal choices to government scrutiny

Please everyone take the time to read this great post on cnet which highlights exactly why North Carolina has no legal right to this information and contact your Representatives in Raleigh immediately. This is not a Left or Right side of the issue debate this is your personal privacy, protected by multiple Federal laws and court cases which the fools in Raleigh don’t seem to care about. While you have your Representative on the phone ask them who went to Seattle, did they fly coach and at what cost, where did they stay and eat and what was the final tally for hand delivering a letter to Amazon.

ACTION ALERT…NC Gov Bev Perdue Demands To Know What you Bought at Amazon

Amazon: NC bid to track taxes violates free speech

To read the full complaint Amazon has filed click here: Amazon v. Kenneth Lay

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