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Although parties on both sides had asked for a continuance the City Council was to take up the mater of allowing Harvey Davis to relocate Davis Garage to the intersection of Jonestown and Stratford roads. The Planning Board had denied a rezoning request so now it us up to the City Council to approve or deny the request. Harvey Davis though has withdrawn his request to rezone although may not have given up on moving the garage to that location. With the Council appearing to be stacked against him Davis was able to withdraw the request instead of having the possibility of having it denied. This will allow Davis a second shot since the request was never heard.

You may have forgotten that Winston-Salem is taking Davis Garage in an eminent domain case as Winston-Salem wants to refurbish the building and make it the anchor for the new, yet to be planned, funded or developed, city train system or hub. That Hub is is a requirement in order for Winston-Salem to be consider for the even farther fetched High Speed Rail systems being touted by The White House. At a price of almost $700,000 to condemn and take the Garage then who knows what cost to remodel and upgrade it the city appears to want to be on the hook for even more than their current deals with the stadium.

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Looks like 4Brothers is going to give BackYard Burgers another try on Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

4brothers[1] 4brothers2[1]

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Dynamic Aviation is launching a Charter Air Service called Dynamic Airways with it’s first jet based in Winston-Salem. Dynamic Airways will hold a Media Open House at Smith Reynolds on Thursday, October 28 from 10-12PM.

The initial service will start sometime in November using a single MD-88 however the host of the event, the new COO Guy Cannady, will bring on another plane in December. Services will operate from the Terminal at Smith Reynolds with flights being able to depart to locations as far away as Mexico and the Caribbean.

Hopefully some of those former PACE employees can get onboard with this new airline even if in a part-time mode.  Right now it’s reported they have around 40 full and part-time employees but with added planes they would obviously hire more.

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Antimicrobial Technologies Group recently visited Winston-Salem having meetings with Meridian Reality and Grande Peak Technologies. CEO Simon Johnston and the management team from ATG reviewed the area for potential sites and appears to have expressed a serious interesting in the RJR Whitaker site.

Antimicrobial Technologies Group makes anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-odor fabrics, fibers, plastics and paints. They are looking for a facility in the 100,000 square foot range however commented that they could easily outgrow such a site within a few years. ATG is a relatively new company derived from the research of a professor at the University of South Dakota.  They had a ribbon cutting of their South Dakota facility just last year at which time they employed just a handful of people. Dr. YuYu Sun discovered a N-Halamine molecule which is claimed to fight germs, fungus, mold and viruses, a very bold claim I would think. ATG holds the rights to that molecule and looks to deploy it in everything from paint to textiles, textiles being where Winston-Salem comes in. Read the rest of this entry »

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Looks like everything published on this site about PACE Airlines is finally coming out in court as the Trustee Allman filed a complaint last week showing the troubles with PACE go back to the beginning and never got better. I won’t bother re-writing a very thorough article from The Journal by Richard Carver, “Pace set for a fall – Bad business model, mismanagement led to failure, lawyer says.”

I will point out however that back in October 2009 we posted that Lee Booth had taken over PACE Airlines and was the primary for weeks. The paperwork filed by Edwin Allman III, the Chapter 7 trustee, without a doubt claims Rodgers signed over PACE to Booth and that Booth had indeed taken PACE assets. It appears Allman also states many of those assets are now missing. Unfortunately The Journal doesn’t have a link to the latest court documents so hopefully they will get those online soon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well it’s going to cost us all just like it did for the Dell deal but maybe this time they have at least decided to pick an industry with some legs under it. For those that don’t remember Dell was in the middle of off-shoring it’s operations when it opened the Winston-Salem plant in which millions of both reported and unreported incentives were provided. This time I think we are looking at a company with a long history and solid finances so maybe this one sticks around.

With upwards of $23.5 million in direct local incentives and $50 million in state incentives Caterpillar may employ upwards of 500 people. but are those jobs worth nearly $100 million? Time will tell considering we still don’t know what all our “leaders” have promised other than tax breaks.

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Well Dell has extended again the final closing of it’s Winston-Salem plant, why do we say Winston-Salem anyway considering where it’s located but I digress. Anyway most likely due to labor issues in Mexico Dell has decided to keep the plant open allowing some 400 employees per The Journal to keep getting those paychecks. I say per The Journal because the reports I have put that number a good bit less but that’s all rumor.

Recent labor events in Mexico and problems with PC Electronics component maker Foxconn are likely the cause for this extension.

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In a total affront to any and all privacy The North Carolina Department Of Revenue FLEW to Seattle to demand Amazon product all records for purchases by North Carolina residents from 2003-2010. Note I capitalized “FLEW” because instead of licking a stamp or using a courier service some enterprising soul in Raleigh figure out how to get a free vacation on you on me by hand delivering the demand letter to Amazon. So not only does the state want to know what you have been reading but they want you to pay for them to find it out while they take cross country flights, stay in hotels and have a nice dinner!

Amazon seeks a declaration that the DOR’s ongoing demand for information that will disclose the names, addresses and purchasing habits of Amazon’s North Carolina customers violates the rights of Amazon to sell, and its customers to purchase, books, movies, music, and other lawful expressive content free from government intrusion into the customers’ reading, viewing and listening choices.  These rights are secured under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article I, sections 4 and 5 of the Washington State Constitution, and federal law.  The DOR’s demand for the identity of customers who purchased video material also violates the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988, 18 U.S.C. § 2710.  Declaratory relief from this Court is necessary to avoid piecemeal litigation or inconsistent rulings in the event other states make similar demands for customer data.

Of course Amazon has turned around and filed an immediate suit to block this request as it flies in the face of any number of court rulings that such information is private however now guess what, we get to send lawyers and their team to Seattle to argue that North Carolina does have a right to this information. Not only are you being asked to provide the state with Federally protected information but your being forced to pay to argue against your own personal rights in a court clear across the country!

The DOR has no business seeking to uncover the identity of Amazon’s customers who purchased expressive content … let alone associating customers’ names and addresses with the specific books, music, and video content that they have purchased,” Amazon wrote. “The collection and disclosure of the customer data … will link those purchases directly to the customers’ names and addresses, exposing their otherwise private reading, viewing, listening and other personal choices to government scrutiny

Please everyone take the time to read this great post on cnet which highlights exactly why North Carolina has no legal right to this information and contact your Representatives in Raleigh immediately. This is not a Left or Right side of the issue debate this is your personal privacy, protected by multiple Federal laws and court cases which the fools in Raleigh don’t seem to care about. While you have your Representative on the phone ask them who went to Seattle, did they fly coach and at what cost, where did they stay and eat and what was the final tally for hand delivering a letter to Amazon.

ACTION ALERT…NC Gov Bev Perdue Demands To Know What you Bought at Amazon

Amazon: NC bid to track taxes violates free speech

To read the full complaint Amazon has filed click here: Amazon v. Kenneth Lay

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