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Friday is Data Privacy Day, don’t ask me who made it so I just know it is. Anyway as such Microsoft has put up a nice PDF on using location based services safely and being aware of how these services work.

If your not up on this new trend you may be using Location Based Services without even knowing it. If your using one of these nice new smartphones with built-in GPS are you aware your images may be tagged with the GPS location of the photo. Imagine those pictures of your kids playing in the backyard and you posted those images to Flickr or other sites and in doing so you just posted your home’s location down to the foot. Even with Geo Tagging (the tagging of GPS data to an image) turned off your phone still places a ton of information in the photo such as the phone model, date, time and more, all of which could pass more information than you thought.

Of course other services such as FourSquare are all about posting your current location to the web, I hope I don’t have to say how dangerous this could be. The objective was to allow for meet-ups with your friends or like minded folks that might be in your general area which in the early days worked pretty well but now with millions using the service can you see the downside? I will give you an example of a post I saw a few weeks back:

Just arrived in Winston-Salem, bored and alone. Thank goodness the Hilton has a whirlpool, going down for a good long soak.

I think it’s pretty obvious just how stupid that post was especially since her profile also includes a picture. Unfortunately many people are just to trusting and just don’t give a post like that second thoughts until it’s to late.

So anyway check out the attached PDF put together by Microsoft on this subject.

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After two years of investigations it looks like maybe we will see some action in Edward’s wacky campaign finances. According to the report in the New York Post the Federal Grand jury meet last week to once again go over the web of groups associated with Edwards Presidential bid as well as who knew what and when concerning Rielle Hunter and the child Edwards fathered.

What’s really sad to see if how these groups appear to be evading campaign finance laws and if one politician and group is doing it you have to assume the others are as well. Basically per the report the 527 setup to raise money for Edwards also setup an LLC in which they just funneled the money from a 527 which has to report it’s spending to an LLC which doesn’t.

For the full story read the NY Post article.

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Looks like 4Brothers is going to give BackYard Burgers another try on Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

4brothers[1] 4brothers2[1]

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This is called a QR Code, a matrix bar code, that users can create, share, scan to link to just about anything. To create your own QR code for say your business website or even business card just check out


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Dynamic Aviation is launching a Charter Air Service called Dynamic Airways with it’s first jet based in Winston-Salem. Dynamic Airways will hold a Media Open House at Smith Reynolds on Thursday, October 28 from 10-12PM.

The initial service will start sometime in November using a single MD-88 however the host of the event, the new COO Guy Cannady, will bring on another plane in December. Services will operate from the Terminal at Smith Reynolds with flights being able to depart to locations as far away as Mexico and the Caribbean.

Hopefully some of those former PACE employees can get onboard with this new airline even if in a part-time mode. Right now it’s reported they have around 40 full and part-time employees but with added planes they would obviously hire more.

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Expectations were for around 100,000 and I’d say they hit that number if not well above it. This was one huge Saturday in Lexington this weekend, bigger than any prior year by a fair margin. This is a shot from the Kids area looking back downtown. Downtown itself was elbow to elbow. If anything Lexington probably needs to look at expanding the area they use for the Festival, moving some of the music further off main to get the crowds moving a bit more.


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Antimicrobial Technologies Group recently visited Winston-Salem having meetings with Meridian Reality and Grande Peak Technologies. CEO Simon Johnston and the management team from ATG reviewed the area for potential sites and appears to have expressed a serious interesting in the RJR Whitaker site.

Antimicrobial Technologies Group makes anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-odor fabrics, fibers, plastics and paints. They are looking for a facility in the 100,000 square foot range however commented that they could easily outgrow such a site within a few years. ATG is a relatively new company derived from the research of a professor at the University of South Dakota.  They had a ribbon cutting of their South Dakota facility just last year at which time they employed just a handful of people. Dr. YuYu Sun discovered a N-Halamine molecule which is claimed to fight germs, fungus, mold and viruses, a very bold claim I would think. ATG holds the rights to that molecule and looks to deploy it in everything from paint to textiles, textiles being where Winston-Salem comes in. Read the rest of this entry

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Appears Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools played it a little fast and loose with Federal Stimulus Funds resulting in thousands of dollars spent in violation of the terms of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These expenditures included over $400 to send students to watch “Ice Age” and “Terminator” as well as a nearly $1,000 trip to Wet and Wild. What is the school system doing sending kids, even 6-12, to an R-rated Movie anyway? Read the rest of this entry

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