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I will not pass judgment but as a quick note a Wake County Grand Jury indicted three former Perdue campaign workers for filing false campaign reports and obstruction of justice. You can read the story elsewhere but the basics are Juleigh Sitton of Morganton, former the director of the governor’s Western Office in Asheville; and Trawick H. "Buzzy" Stubbs Jr. of New Bern, a former law partner with Perdue’s late first husband were each charged with one count each of filing false campaign reports and obstruction of justice. Former Perdue campaign finance director Peter Reichard of Greensboro was charged with one count of obstruction of justice.

Charges stem from misreporting of campaign flights, hmm where did we hear that one before, as well as not disclosing Sitton was being paid an additional $32,000 — $2,000 a month for 16 months — to work full-time for Perdue’s campaign with money funneled through a banking firm operated by Reichard called Tryon Capital Partners.

Perdue did not comment directly but referred to her statement on the investigation:

"I will, however, reiterate what I made clear at the beginning of the investigation, and what the investigation has confirmed: as a citizen, a candidate for public office, and an elected official, I have strived to follow the rules and laws,"


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