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Politico is reporting charges are expected to be filed on Friday against former N.C. Senator John Edwards for campaign finance violations. Politico further reports Edwards met with Rachel Mellon, the benefactor that gave Edwards as much as $700,000, last week. Federal prosecutors will argue the money was used to hide Edwards’ affair in order to continue his presidential campaign bid while Edwards appears to be arguing the money was used to hide the affair from his wife, a very thin line a jury will apparently get to decide if it was crossed.

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Hundreds, maybe thousands of medical records have been found at the home of a Baptist employee. Rather than repeating the limited info already posted on several sites I will just give you the links. This seems to be at least the second time that Baptist has had issues with missing records.

But, police now say a Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center employee, Linda Turner, stole hundreds, possibly thousands, of people’s medical records.

They say she kept the files in the basement of a home she owned. The hospital fired her just last night— this is going beyond a job situation…

Baptist Hospital Employee Charged After Medical Files Found

Wake Forest Baptist medical records found in rental home owned by employee

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