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The State of the Union address by President Obama fell well short of informing Congress and the electorate of the true nature of that condition. In delivering this address the President seems to have felt that verbal fellatio was the best way to get through this obligation without actually having to tell the truth as he heads out onto the campaign trail to try to trick the moronic electorate to return him to office for another four years.

Domestically the country in is serious financial trouble. The national debt moving quickly toward the debt ceiling has the debt increasing by $4 billion a day even if we do nothing. The FED has been printing money like there’s no tomorrow to try and hold down interest rates while the dollar loses value daily. The government claims there is no inflation even though the cost of food is up 20% and fuel costs are up 40% because the housing market is so depressed that it has evened out. What they will not accept is that the housing crisis originated and has grown worse because of Democrat legislation, cover, and unsound fiscal policy. The people are suffering and the rate of unemployment is only reported by half. At closer to 18% than 9.4% and extending unemployment insurance from 26 weeks to over two years which is unsound financial policy at it’s base. But it is the business unfriendly President, his taxes, regulations, and other impediments that make getting any real improvement unlikely under this President.

Marc Faber is an investment analyst, entrepreneur and author of “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report.””I think he’s (President Obama) done a horrible job and I think that will continue,” Faber told Bloomberg. “I think he is a dishonest person, and nothing has changed.” In Europe billionaire financier and Obama mentor George Soros warned Wednesday that Europe could potentially fall apart because of the “two-speed Europe” of haves and have-nots that is being perpetuated by the reform of the embattled euro. Where currency is troubled and Soros abides, how likely is it that he isn’t somehow involved? The UK has become a second class ally behind France and most European countries have lost confidence in Obama’s leadership. Russia has just bitch slapped Obama in the new Start Treaty which does more to bend America over in front of Russia than protect American interests as it should.

In the middle east country after country is moving into anarchy and the only countries maintaining any semblance of stability are Israel and Iraq. Even so hundreds are getting blown up weekly in attacks in Iraq which is making alliances with Iran and making any real dependability on them doubtful. Turkey has become a more militant Islamic country as are Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia. Lebanon has been taken over by Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Authority is in the hands of Hamas. Iran continues its move toward building nuclear weapons and in spite of these “crippling sanctions” they continue to move along the path, a little slower, but forward none the less. Pakistan and Afghanistan are not certain and there are more failures than successes, and foreign policy exercised by this administration has increased our enemies and given them a new pool of recruits to unleash in terrorist attacks on our country. We are in the most dangerous position we have been since the 1930’s and it is only getting worse.

To return Obama to office is to commit national suicide. He is a small man in a bigger than life position and he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s doing. He’s divided the country worse than ever. He’s done more to destroy good race relations. He has financially cripple the country when it only had a sore limp. He has made lying an admirable quality and his narcissistic behavior is killing what is left of our country. When 2012 comes it almost makes more sense for everyone in the country to write in “Dopey” than vote for Obama. America cannot stand another term of Obama. It will spell the end of America as we know it and force our children into unreasonable debt and give them nothing to show for it.

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