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As we approach the 2,010th anniversary of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is important that we reflect on a few issues that are critical to the spiritual health and welfare of man. It is important to place into perspective what has been the enabling grace for our forward movement and where that movement has stagnated and now threatens to die. As a nation we have a history of being the greatest benefactor to the world and the one nation that can be counted on to take up the cause of the oppressed. There is a reason for that and it is quite obvious. I wish to dwell on that a moment or two.

America was founded by men who sought refuge in order to celebrate their faith without being oppressed by the government. They sought to worship as their conscience directed, and in the span of 100 years brought about the beginnings of this great country. The laws that they drafted based on the Judeo-Christian teachings, and reflected in the Biblical laws of the Ten Commandments. The oaths and promises that facilitated the service of the people to the country were steeped in a promise to almighty God that the service would be honest and true and bear true faith and allegiance to that oath.

It is critical to say at this juncture that the statement that the Constitution lays out a clear separation between church and state is a pernicious lie bought into by those whose wisdom fails to reach beyond their eyes. The Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; “There is not one single word that says that official offices of government or the property thereto appertaining cannot be where a cross or a star of David is placed, nor a sculpture of the Ten Commandments. The separation of church and state comes from nothing less than those who fear the faith of God in others for it strengthens them and makes it difficult to inflict evil and corruption upon them.

As a nation since the founding and up until the last few decades the United States has lived in a state of grace empowered by the prayers and best hopes of her citizens and many who have benefited from her good works. In the course of that cycle of growth the United States became the preeminent charitable country and gave generously to the world of its wealth, its blood, and its treasure. No country in the world can say that on some level their existence is directly linked to that generosity and largess. The people of the US have not asked for anything in return and in spite having conquered a considerable portion of the world have never asked for reward but rather have rebuilt their enemies to where they were stronger and sounder than before the conflict ensued.

Now we find ourselves beset by those who decry any semblance of faith or religion in the public sector. They decry the Christian display, tear down the crosses, and sue in court to stop people from gathering in their own homes for prayer or religious meetings. A few people of questionable disposition and no faith in them at all have taken the country hostage. They challenge good works, stop religious groups from helping the poor, take away funding for charity because it offends them that any government money should find its way to charitable causes. Woe is us as a people for we have allowed ourselves to be separated from God by people who have no faith while we all the while claim faith.

And what is the reward of all this? We are failing as a country. The President and his Tzars proclaim from their positions of power that God is dead and that socialism is the answer. One man invokes the name of God while all the while trying to get the people to openly revolt. Without God we are lost and our country is in decline from which it may never recover. Our children suffer more for lack as we lose our ability to make better opportunity available for them. Our debt is crushing and the politicians are simply too corrupt on both sides to really do anything about it.

We need a prayer for salvation rising from the masses, calling on God to help us and give us the strength to redeem our faith, our selves, and our country. Without God America ceases to be and only bad things can follow her fall. So as you open your gifts on Christmas day remember that the greatest gift was given 2010 years ago, and that he came into this world so that “He who believeth in Him, though they were dead, yet would they have eternal life.”

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