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Whenever a thorny problem has arisen political leaders will make great speeches to explain their wisdom in trying to meet the needs of all parties concerned with the problem. They will cite history and precedent and use glowing examples that highlight the thoughts and ideas of others, but in the end they will say and do absolutely nothing. It’s become the thing that the people expect when bad things happen. Sometimes a chosen few with a strong sense of commitment will act, but that is rare and in the end will be second guessed by everyone who didn’t have the same level of courage.

When the 9/11 attack happened the country united behind President Bush in his strong response against the Islamic terrorists who committed the act. The Clinton administration had already declared Saddam Hussein a danger to the world and passed a resolution supporting regime change. George H. W. Bush had given his regime weapons of mass destruction to use against the Iranian troops he was fighting, and later he used poison gas, a chemical weapon against the northern Kurds killing men, women and children indiscriminately.  He has publicly stated the desire to procure nuclear weapons and had put over one million of his own people under the sand in mass political executions against a helpless people.

While the ties to Al Qaeda may have been tenuous, it was clear that the militancy in Iraq and her terrorist elements were aligned with the Islamic Jihad and had bad intentions toward America. Afghanistan had been an Al Qaeda hot bed where training camps and alliances with the Taliban allowed the terrorist element to flourish and gave all the necessary support that made 9/11 possible. In our own country democrats gave aid and comfort to the terrorist foe by obfuscating on issues like illegal immigration and diminishing the rule of law by litigating from the bench to castrate the system of laws which are required to protect the people and the sovereignty of any nation.

So in the true spirit of national legislative cowardice, as soon as the first shots were fired in Iraq and Afghanistan the democrats most liberal democrats started to rail against the war and find reasons to make it an evil endeavor that did not require such a response. They accused President Bush of being a liar and taking the country to war based on a lie. They obviously forgot that Clinton had already called for regime change, that they had agreed and passed the resolution, that the US had given Saddam Hussein the WMD’s that were the source of the threat, and that for many years and in spite of our threats Saddam had acted against the myriad of countries surrounding him with virtual impunity. The democrat party was demonstrating yet another pattern or political and national cowardice in the same spirit of Viet Nam. They complained about those who died and were wounded but never acknowledged that it was their political interference that caused a great deal of the problems the American serviceman endured.

Flash Forward to 2010:

The very people who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks are now treated by our government like a special class with consideration for their every need. Americans have been insulted by their representatives and members of government on a daily basis as they allow that very group of people cause inconvenience and downright pain for Americans while they arguably sit back and laugh at the way we’ve all been forced to jump through hoops for them.

Americans are now groped at airports by unskilled minimum wage troglodytes who not only get to make money to serve the Islamic inflicted punishments on the American travelling public, but they also get to a sexual thrill in sticking their hands down the pants of people who with exception of perhaps one individual out of 360 million has ever done anything to deserve it. Travelling by air is now a perversion while cargo and rail travel go on without any supervision or oversight at all. The cowardly politicians and civil servants have their noses stuck so far up the rear end of groups like CAIR, that if they make a sharp turn a broken nose will result.

It has ceased to be about protecting Americans or taking steps to insure the continuity of the American lifestyle. America has become a slave of China, Mexico and Islam and the cowards who lead us are closing down our options to the point where we may one day have to react and they will surely not survive to lead in the aftermath.

Mexico has command posts, observation posts, and sniper nests as much as 90 miles past the border between Mexico and America. Illegal’s get constitutional protections, social security services, discounted educational benefits, and often are able to get them with less trouble than Americans are forced to go through. The cowards who govern in this country have done more to serve those who destroy us than they do for the people of the United States. We as citizens must demand more, complain more, watch more, and hold these people to the levels of service they claim to give us but do not. We are victims of our own government, and our own President who has shown without a doubt that he hates America more and serves everyone else more. When 2012 arrives America will do well to send this liar and dishonest broker packing and look for someone who actually looks to serve the American people. If we do not demand to be the beneficiaries of our own government for a change the downfall and destruction of this great country is certainly inevitable.

You have to make the choice.

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