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Over the last several years since the advent of 9/11 a curious pattern of behavior has emerged which has begun to make this writer wonder whether or not we are losing not only our sense of identity, but our sense of strength. IIt had always been the dominant impression that had Al Gore won the 2000 elections and then experienced the 9/11 disaster, he would have probably published a letter to potential Islamic Jihadists that apologized for building those towers where they wanted to fly their planes.

In the last several years two things have happened that have demonstrably changed the way America is perceived and the way our way of life is denigrated. We’ve had a Democrat dominated Congress and recently the Presidency which has been taken over by hard left Socialistic Progressives whose disdain for their own country has led them to treat it like the door mat on a messy day. Add to that a sycophantic press which has lost it’s ability to think independently and has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the left. Between the two bodies they have been disrespectful and even out rightly defamatory of America and her people.

Consider that while Americans have been brow beaten into onerous searches and security measures that include being shown literally naked in a screening machine or succumbing to a pat down that is more like a grope fest, while CAIR has made it plain that Islamic women in full body gowns cannot be forced through the scanners and must not be touched except on the head and neck. What could you hide under such a flowing gown with room for an explosive vest if that was what they wanted to wear.

Consider a child who puts a flag on his bicycle to show his love and respect for his country, who is told by his school leadership that he must remove the flag because of racial considerations. Mexicans in the school district object to an American flying the American flag, in America. What an absurd and idiotic thing to even consider.

Consider the payments made by the Department of Justice to literally thousands of sanctuary cities who disregard the federal law regarding illegal aliens. The American government allows sniper nests and forward observation posts to be built and staffed by Mexican Drug Lords 90 miles north of the Mexican border without any attention to removing them at all. This is an overt act of war because armed Mexicans have invaded the United States and are in fact killing law enforcement and civilians at their whim. Rather they put up a sign warning Americans to stay off land that is part of their sovereign country.

If I continued this list I would spend the rest of my life at the keyboard and never publish a word. But here is my summary: America is getting punked out of her own home by anybody with a notion to push. Our politicians are gutless slugs who talk too much and do too little. Our President is a coward, a fool, and a liar who has done more to undermine this country and the respect she had gained over the last 250 than any enemy or individual we have faced. Personally I am proud to be an American but I am ashamed of my President and the current Congress. I can only hope the new Congress that takes office in 2011 will bring some pride back to this country and undo the damage that Liberals, Progressives, Statists, and Socialists have done to date.

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