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When it comes to immigration, no matter what you may have heard, there is only one operative issue on the table, and that is the LAW.  Equal protection under the law has been the hallmark of American Jurist Prudence since the founding documents were written and has the rights of the criminal and the victim equally balanced. That means that the law is applied equally and must act not as a moral imperative, but rather as an ethical one. The moral man simply recognizes that the law exists and is just, while the ethical man is compelled to obey it.

Over the years American leadership has made a startling choice to obey laws they only choose to obey. Since Congress can arbitrarily exempt itself from having to be held to obedience of a law they disagree with, they can serve their own desire for power and wealth by ignoring immigration law and making public statements in support of violating the law and encouraging individuals to violate it and illegally cross into the United States. These they hope are potential voters as soon as they can make the case for amnesty.

The leaders of our country don’t care that these individuals are drug smugglers, human traffickers, or soldiers for the drug cartels setting up Observation Posts or sniper nests on American soil to wound or kill American citizens or law enforcement officers. Why, they openly threaten to do so and our government does nothing. The politicians don’t care about the women that become widows, or the children who become orphans. They don’t care about the rise of drug addiction in America or the rise in the crime rate. They don’t care that Arizona has the second highest number of international kidnappings in the world. Nor do they care about the fact that a foreign power has armed insurgents 90 miles deep into America’s sovereign territory and signs posted to warn Americans against travelling into American property occupied and controlled by narco-terrorists.

The leaders of our country have arbitrarily decided that there are some laws that should be enforced and others that should not. Well, under the equal justice clause in the Constitution, how can you enforce any laws if you don’t enforce them all? And if they are not reasonable laws why doesn’t the government act to repeal them so they would not have to make such an example of violating them? How does one make the decision which laws should be upheld and which should not? And if you think that this anarchistic mentality is limited to the people serving in Washington you couldn’t be more wrong. The city and state governments of the sovereign state of North Carolina list themselves openly as Sanctuary states which is an open admission that they are complicit and corrupt in this national tragedy which is showing itself to be more profitable to the rest of the world than it is to America.

At the end of the day there are three things you need to see in yourself when you look in the mirror;

  1. That far from being the courageous and patriotic American you should be you’d rather sanction violating the law than changing it.
  1. The reason these laws are being disobeyed and America and her citizens are being made to pay the price is that it is more likely that the politician you voted for was an expedient rather than a well vetted choice.
  1. Once that politician gained office you simply let go of your responsibility and never held them to the standard of service that you should have and you let them do this to us collectively.

If you think it’s too far from you check into the status of your city or state and if you find that power and greed motivate the breaking of a law this important, it will probably justify the breaking of a lot more as well. Voting is a responsibility that goes with citizenship and holding your public servants to the legal standard is just common sense. What we have now is a brain dead America.


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