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When it comes to immigration, no matter what you may have heard, there is only one operative issue on the table, and that is the LAW.  Equal protection under the law has been the hallmark of American Jurist Prudence since the founding documents were written and has the rights of the criminal and the victim equally balanced. That means that the law is applied equally and must act not as a moral imperative, but rather as an ethical one. The moral man simply recognizes that the law exists and is just, while the ethical man is compelled to obey it.

Over the years American leadership has made a startling choice to obey laws they only choose to obey. Since Congress can arbitrarily exempt itself from having to be held to obedience of a law they disagree with, they can serve their own desire for power and wealth by ignoring immigration law and making public statements in support of violating the law and encouraging individuals to violate it and illegally cross into the United States. These they hope are potential voters as soon as they can make the case for amnesty. Read the rest of this entry »

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