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“Reality, what a concept,” is the hallmark of Robin Williams reason.  As a concept it exists in the human mind and no where else. Individually it is the synthesis of mans conception and understanding. And so, whatever the majority holds to be true is in fact the truth. By controlling minds, society controls the truth as they perceive it.

Government leaders don’t even try to pretend that their system is intended to be for the benefit of society, because men, being frail and cowardly creatures, seek escape from the burdens of daily responsibility and are inwardly unable to face the truth. Leadership is aware of this fact and have only one aim, and that is to amass power. To them power is not a means, it is an end that is justified by the means. Power means having the ability to inflict unlimited pain and suffering on others to accomplish the desired end. For them it creates reality, and in so doing it creates truth. The position of the power elite can be said to be the extreme form of philosophical idealism, but it is more relevant to recognize that the concept of truth and reality are extreme forms of pragmatism by the people in which the truth becomes subordinate to the ruling elite. Truth is proven by the consensus of millions; so how can a minority of one be right?

So, one man in a hundred knows a fact to be true, but the other 99 are instructed by the ruling class that the fact is false and that they must accept that. That one man quickly becomes the crazy man in the room because a fact that he knows to be true is rejected by the masses and group think however erroneous prevails.

If one works for a big corporation which claims its product is better than all of their competitors, whether the claim is justified or not in terms of definable reality is irrelevant. What matters is that as long as one serves this particular corporation, the claim becomes operative truth, and we decline validation of an objectively valid truth. In fact, if one changes jobs and move over to a competitor, we accept the new truth that its products are best, and subjectively speaking, this new truth will be as true today as the old one was yesterday. Again the truth spoken by many overcomes the truth spoken by one, regardless of whether that truth is indeed the truth or not.

This is an age when there are endless amounts of information and access to it is truly ubiquitous. It is a mystery understanding why people are so ignorant or grievously uninformed. They are sheep who either cannot or will not think for themselves, or who simply don’t care. In a country with is the freest flow of information and freedom to be the most knowledgeable people in the world, the people of the United States are content to be used and manipulated because it’s easier than having to pursue the truth.

In a successful manipulation of the mind a person is no longer saying the opposite of what they think, but thinking the opposite of what is true. Thus, if they have surrendered their independence and integrity completely, if they experience themselves as a thing which belongs either to the state, the party, or the corporation, then two plus two are indeed five and they can feel free because there is no longer any awareness of the discrepancy between the truth and a lie. Specifically this applies to ideologies not dissimilar to the Inquisitors who tortured people in the name of their understanding of Christian love. They reject every principle for which their faith originally stood, and choose to do it for what they term the greater good of the people. Even though the content is reversed, the people still act out in the name of their faith.

We present our society as being one of free initiative, individualism, and idealism, when in reality these are merely words. We are a centralized managerial industrial society of an essentially bureaucratic nature, motivated by materialism. Yet there is a continuing adherence to spirituality by many, but rejected by a very hostile but minority opposition.

One can react in two ways. They can become more hopeless and resigned to their fate, or by feeling that there is still time and by responding with a greater clarity and courage. All negative Utopias make it appear that it is possible to dehumanize man completely and yet for life to go on. You may doubt the correctness of this and think that while it is possible to destroy the core of man, one would also be destroying the future of mankind. It is quite clear that even now it is necessary to sound alarms across the country and make people aware how dangerously close they are to destroying the foundations of their free society.

It becomes clear in the modern world that the problem comes not from the droning voice of a single entity bent on driving society into subservience and taking control of the world, but rather that there are so many vitriolic voices dividing the people into opposing groups, all of which have their own potential to divide and destroy the society. There are racial groups, religious groups, social groups, and political groups, each of which proposes a philosophy or psychology which they see as the only truth and which only serves to divide the people against each other. These groups in demonstrations have moved people to violence which has resulted in injury and death, property damage in the millions of dollars, and divisions between people which set neighbor against neighbor. In the end they have failed to produce any workable or positive solution that quiet discussion and common sense couldn’t have resolved better.

In the end it is clear that unless people choose a better way of dealing with each other and respecting a common view of society, anyone who is left in the room will in fact be the crazy man in the room when they are the only representation of common sense. It should be clear that everyone can represent their beliefs, their faiths, or their allegiances without being punished by those in society who don’t share their beliefs. There is a calamity that affects us all in that we will likely divide into factions and set against each other when the smarter path would be to unite and help each other survive. We have to make a choice and we have to have the courage to step up and do the right thing with respect to all people with whom we deal.

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