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Starting their plan for monthly meetings as the country moves toward the midterm elections, the Winston-Salem Chapter of the NC Tea Party met at Starbuck’s near Stanleyville to determine their strength and levels of enthusiasm.  The venue selected was expected to accommodate the intimate gathering that organizers expected, but attendance quickly forced the meeting to occupy two rooms in order to avoid fire code violations for occupancy. While about 15 were expected to turn out for this first meeting, it quickly grew to exceed 40, surprising organizers and attendees alike.

The meeting was hosted by Nathan Jones, a candidate for the State Senate in District 32, and was addressed by Joyce Krawiec, the NC Grass Roots Coordinator for Freedom Works.  Nathan, who is the founder of this chapter of the NC Tea Party has made his commitment to the people to run for the State Senate and stand up for the people and his conservative values. Nathan has been a tireless advocate for Constitutional rights and for the rights of the people to be protected from government overreach and abuse. Joyce Krawiec is a lecturer and activist associated with the Freedom Works foundation. Founded in 1984, FreedomWorks is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers nationwide. The organization is chaired by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Joyce spoke passionately on the need for citizens to become involved in the processes that supported elections and to stay in touch with their elected representatives after the fact to be sure that they were kept aware of the peoples voice from day to day. Her own visible passion and interest raised the same passions in her audience who were clearly energized and excited about the prospects of working toward initiating substantial change with the mid term election.

It is clear to all who attended this meeting and to many who will come to future meetings and make their voices heard, that the country needs its citizens to step up and save her from the governance under which she literally suffers now. America is indeed in trouble, and only the citizens who are the life blood of our great nation are empowered with the ability to make the changes necessary. The NC Tea Party shares the same values that Tea Parties across the country do. We join hands in the spiritual sense to put our arms around the country we love and bring her prosperity and promise back for generations yet to come.

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