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Well today is the day Hanes Mall will start kicking the kids out after 6PM unless they are accompanied by an adult, or so they say. The interesting thing to watch for is how will this policy be applied because who is to say a 16 year old is 16 or an 18 year old is 18? Will mall security go around asking for I.D.’s and kick anyone out that doesn’t have one? Will teenagers with their disposable cash walk away in protest to the policy?

Multiple websites have shown up calling for a boycott or repeal of the policy and even if this doesn’t have traction is the negative publicity something any retail center want when times are as tough as these?

FaceBook – Boycotting Hanes Mall

Hanes Mall Petition Site

Of course neither site appears to have much traction so maybe it will be much to do about nothing as the saying goes. There is even less traffic on this within the Twitter crowd we one would expect to be abuzz if the younger crowd was upset about this so one might assume the number of “kids” Hanes Mall is ejecting is limited to a small group of teens.

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  1. ruthierue says:

    From a parent with a 17 year old daughter, it is really sad that I will have to escort her (and her 17 yr old boyfriend) to the mall to pick out prom stuff!!

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