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I’ll let the legal types dig into the exact ruling but in a case brought by Janet Joyner and Constance Lynn Blackmon the courts have ruled the County Board of Commissioners is violating the law in holding invocation or prayer prior to County meetings. Of course it looks like the county gets to pay the legal fees associated with this as well.

Plaintiffs seek relief in the form of a declaratory judgment, an injunction prohibiting Defendant from allowing sectarian prayers at its Board meetings, nominal damages, and the payment of reasonable expenses and attorney’s fees. (Id. at 15.) This Court should declare that the effect of Defendant’s policy is to violate the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and allow the recovery of nominal damages and attorney’s fees as part
of the costs under 42 U.S.C. § 1988. The Court should enjoin the continuation of the Policy as it is now implemented.

For the foregoing reasons, IT IS RECOMMENDED that Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment (Docket No. 63) be granted.

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation, Office of The Inspector General has informed Smith Reynolds Airport that it is in breach of it’s grant agreement for runway improvements. Smith Reynolds received a grant back in 1997 for those improvements and contracted Mainline Contractors out of Raleigh which reportedly was not keeping up with payments to sub-contractors and subsequently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The airport and it’s Director, Larry Scantlin, were informed of the pending investigation on August 17th with a formal letter from the Department of Transportation in which Richard Walls, Director of Aviation, states:


That notice goes on to state that if the airport cannot address the above issues the “Department will take legal action.” On Tuesday it appears the Office of the Inspector has judged that the airport is at fault and it appears this means the airport will be forced to repay grant money, pay subcontractors for unpaid work or a combination of the two. Tom McKim, the chairman of the Airport Commission of Forsyth County disagrees with the state report and said:

"Obviously we disagree with (the report), and we believe that our contract with Mainline satisfied our obligation under the grant," McKim said. "The efforts we made to monitor what Mainline did with respect to payments were also adequate." JournalNow

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Here’s an early Christmas present for all those going in and out of Greensboro, Piedmont Triad Airport, FREE Wifi courtesy of Google. Unlike the typical $10 or more per day to get that twenty minutes of browsing before your flight you will be able to check that last email all thanks to Google. On top of this if your flying Virgin America, probably not for most of us, you will also be able to browse the Internet on any flight.


Word of warning as I’ve posted here before on using public WiFi:

  • Always use a software firewall, XP’s built in Firewall will suffice
  • Do not browse any site where you will enter private data unless that site is SSL, even then there is a risk of a man in the middle attack
  • NEVER send private data via email, on a Public WiFi or not!
  • Always assume your browsing is monitored when on a Public WiFi

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November 13, 2009
11:30 amto12:30 pm

The Real Estate Council will meet at 11:30 a.m. Friday at the Piedmont Club, 200 W. Second St., 19th floor of the BB&T corporate headquarters. The guest speaker is Robert Leak Jr., the president of Winston-Salem Business Inc., who will conduct "an economic town hall" presentation. The event is open to the public and costs $20 at the door. For more information, call 724-7077.

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image I know New Mexico isn’t exactly local or that Soccer isn’t exactly business or technology related but seeing as how popular soccer has become I thought this story was worth posting.

If you haven’t caught this story somewhere else there was a semi final match of the Mountain West Conference between Brigham Young and New Mexico in which the “rough play” got well, out of hand. In the screen shots taken from the video Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico is seen tossing punches, tripping and finally nearly snapping the neck of a player by grabbing her pony tail and tossing the player to the ground. Comments on this video have travelled all over the Internet as well as ESPN and national news.

image image
image image

In that last shot of her tripping a player she finally got a Yellow Card yet instead of just taking the penalty for what was an obvious trip what did she do, she got in the referrers face about the call requiring fellow junior Rachel Fields to step between Lambert and the Ref.


Saw action in 10 matches last season and started six … made her first career start against Denver on Aug. 22 … used her size and aggressiveness to stop the opposing attack … named to the 2008 Fall Academic All-Conference team.

2009 Lobo Women’s Soccer Media Guide

“Liz is a quality student-athlete, but in this instance her actions clearly crossed the line of fair play and good sportsmanship,”

Kit Vela, Head Coach,

“This is in no way indicative of my character or the soccer player that I am,” Lambert said. “I am sorry to my coaches and teammates for any and all damages I have brought upon them. I am especially sorry to BYU and the BYU women’s soccer players that were personally affected by my actions. I have the utmost respect for the BYU women’s soccer program and its players.”

Elizabeth Lambert,

Now if those images were not enough to see this was one aggressive game with some less than sportsman like play then this series certainly should be.

image image image image
image image image image

Lambert who is pictured multiple times in the Lobo’s soccer flyer has been suspended indefinitely which likely means until the storm blows over but time will tell. Apparently “aggressive” behavior in the athletic department at UNM isn’t exactly unheard of. Head Football Coach Locksley got in trouble for allegedly splitting the lip of an assistant coach. Not to be left out of controversy academics have their own problems with a lawsuit over a scandal in the English Department and images of a Professor on a sadomasochism website.

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New Ways to Try and Buy Microsoft Office 2010

Through our retail partners, Microsoft is introducing an all-new Product Key Card to help consumers more easily access and experience Office 2010 on new PCs that have been pre-loaded with Office 2010. The Product Key Card is a single license card (with no DVD media) that will be sold at major electronic retail outlets.

The key number contained on the card will unlock Office 2010 software that has been pre-loaded by the PC manufacturers on their PCs, and enables a simpler and faster path for consumers to begin using any one of three full versions of Microsoft Office – Office Home & Student 2010, Office Home & Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010.

As part of Office 2010 software that will be pre-loaded by the PC manufacturers on their PCs, we’re introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010.

Office Starter 2010 will include Office Word Starter 2010 and Office Excel Starter 2010, with the basic functionality for creating, viewing and editing documents. Office Starter 2010 will replace Microsoft Works.

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Severity: High

5 November, 2009


§ This vulnerability affects: Adobe Shockwave Player and earlier, running on Windows and Macintosh computers

§ How an attacker exploits it: By enticing your users to visit a website containing a malicious Flash file

§ Impact: An attacker can execute code on your computer, potentially gaining control of it

§ What to do: Download and install the latest version of Adobe Shockwave Player


Adobe Shockwave Player displays interactive, animated web content called Shockwave (.SWF) files. According to Adobe, Shockwave Player is installed on some 450 million PCs.

In a security bulletin released late Tuesday, Adobe warned of critical vulnerabilities that affect Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows and Macintosh (as well as all earlier versions). Adobe’s bulletin refers to five CVE numbers, which suggests that their update fixes five security vulnerabilities. The bulletin doesn’t describe the flaws in much technical detail. However, it does warn that if an attacker can entice one of your users to visit a malicious website containing specially crafted Shockwave (SWF) content, he could exploit this unspecified vulnerability to execute code on that user’s computer, with that user’s privileges. If your Windows users have local administrator privileges, an attacker could exploit this flaw to gain full control of their PC.

If you deploy Adobe Shockwave throughout your network, we recommend you download and install the latest version as soon as you can.

Solution Path

Adobe has released a new version of Shockwave Player, version If you use Adobe Flash in your network, we recommend you download and deploy this updated player as soon as possible.


Adobe has released a Shockwave Player update to fix these vulnerabilities.


§ Adobe Security Bulletin

This alert was researched and written by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.

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T-Mobile has a message on their website saying customers may be experiencing trouble with both voice and data services.


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