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Here’s an early Christmas present for all those going in and out of Greensboro, Piedmont Triad Airport, FREE Wifi courtesy of Google. Unlike the typical $10 or more per day to get that twenty minutes of browsing before your flight you will be able to check that last email all thanks to Google. On top of this if your flying Virgin America, probably not for most of us, you will also be able to browse the Internet on any flight.


Word of warning as I’ve posted here before on using public WiFi:

  • Always use a software firewall, XP’s built in Firewall will suffice
  • Do not browse any site where you will enter private data unless that site is SSL, even then there is a risk of a man in the middle attack
  • NEVER send private data via email, on a Public WiFi or not!
  • Always assume your browsing is monitored when on a Public WiFi
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