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It appears former CEO William Rodgers has signed away any interest he has in PACE Airlines. In unconfirmed reports Lee Booth has taken what assets were left, primarily FAA Certifications down to a building in Burlington. Former V.P. Stuart Carnie was quoted as saying Rodgers has signed over his interest in the company last week to undisclosed “investors” but all fingers point to Lee Booth. It has been posted on other sites that Booth was the primary investor in PACE near the end and has a history in the aviation field from his ownership of Taylorcraft, a small personal aircraft company he moved to Greensboro back in 1988. Of course rumors abound however the general belief is that Rodgers sold part of PACE to Booth back in September and it was the ownership by Booth that kept an interested party in Dallas from assuming PACE as a whole. The party or group in Dallas wanted 100% ownership and Booth either didn’t want out or wanted more for the assets causing the deal to fall through.

Stuart Carnie further went on to say he had revoked his interest in Rodger’s bond resulting in William Rodgers being rebooked into Forsyth County jail where he remains. This Post has been edited at the request of a person claiming to be Harlan Cobert and due to the content of that email request it is within reason to believe such request was made by him. Until such time as the objection that was raised is shown to be factual by verifiable reference any reference to that issue will be removed from this thread and site.

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7 Responses to “PACE Airlines Back In Business?”
  1. Hardtruth says:

    More absolute false information.
    CEO Rogers has resigned true.
    No FAA Certifcations have been taken to Burlington. Totally False and incorrect.
    Booth has not invested any money nor has he given Rogers any funds. more incorrect information.
    The group in Dallas/Brazil brought in by Eric Wingard ( the same Eric Wingard that brought in Bill Rogers) never made a formal offer and when Rogers accepted the offer in principal they never came through with the deal. Booth was not involved in this deal at all and did not cause the deal to fall through. This is an outright LIE and is absolutely not true.
    Booth was never the “primary investor” in Pace. Totally false not true.
    Rogers sold part of Pace to Booth-again more false and untrue information.
    Booth purchased the “assets and tooling’ related to the maintenance-TRUE and has made arrangements to pay those funds to the Dept of Labor not Rogers.
    Past management being sued-true
    Possible criminal indictments of past management-true
    Eric Wingard being sued-True
    Possible more charges on Rogers-true
    This Post has been edited at the request of a person claiming to be Harlan Cobert and due to the content of that email request it is within reason to believe such request was made by him. Until such time as the objection that was raised is shown to be factual by verifiable reference any reference to that issue will be removed from this thread and site.

    Whoever wrote this less than half true post that is being responded too is very much incorrect and misleading. It appears this person is trying to malign Mr Booth by lying and misleading the public.

  2. Hardtruth says:

    Is there not enough problems at Pace, JamesB, that you need to post Lies, half truths and rumors?
    Either become part of the solution or stop the cheap shots. Your post sucks at best.

  3. JamesB says:

    Thank you for finding our Blog and taking the time to respond. I will reply to both your post in reverse order.

    First, thanks for your glowing review. I see your vocabulary of insults is quite vast.

    Second and to address both post you will see it specifically says much of the information is rumor or assumption. Since the management of PACE Airlines has been less than forthcoming with any truthful information over the past months it is left to the public, and apparently PACE employees, to draw their own conclusions from what information is available. You do a line item review and state your post is factual however you provide no information to confirm anything. Actually you end up confirming most everything posted and only call into question what level of involvement Booth had and has in PACE. All information out there clearly points to Booth putting money into PACE’s hands either directly or indirectly and you as much confirm that as well.

    If you have any factual information to provide and can link to that information please feel free to post it. The employees that were left out in the cold with months of promised wages never appearing and canceled Health Insurance would be glad to hear it. For me the list of criminal activity at PACE makes it pretty hard to trust anything coming from the management. As you dutifully listed the civil actions as well as criminal charges brought and likely to be brought against multiple persons in management positions at PACE is astounding. Toss that in with the absurd claims by PACE management that the vehicle break-in of Stuart Carnie’s car was a possible a personal attack by a PACE employee and how could anyone believe anything coming from PACE’s management at this point?

    You are clearly associated with PACE Airlines and it’s hopes to move on. Your post leads me to believe your likely management or closely associated with management. You didn’t have a GPS stolen recently did you?

    This Blog will continue to post the information as it is found, will note that information as being factual, assumed or rumored. Guess I could always go visit Rodgers in jail as he probably would like a few visitors.

  4. FormerPace says:

    Hard Truth, Your accusations made against people by name are both liable and slander since they are false. Being familiar with the matter concerning certain Pace management, I can assure you that the accusations were looked into previously and found to be baseless. The law suit that was brought against them was dismissed because after attorneys looked at the facts of the case, they wanted nothing to do with it because it was baseless. They have been advised to obtain legal counsel, determine the true identities of you and others who continue to publicly spread these libelous and slanderous claims that YOU personally have now first hand knowledge of and that YOU personally cannot prove and to seek legal actions against you personally for damages. I strongly suggest that you cease and desist. James B., you would also be wise to take this to heed.

  5. BITS of WS Admin says:

    Per North Carolina General Statutes I warn all posters that the use of this forum is governed by the Computer Related Crime Articles. To date this has never been required to remind users that impersonation, access of this blog and any damages associated with either direct acts against the Blog system or it’s users is clearly defined by those laws.

    I have reviewed the above comments and warn all posters that if you make a direct claim against a person or business there are legal ramifications. I also warn that tossing threats of legal action with no intent OR having no legal right to do so can also find you in a situation you would prefer to not be in.

    If anyone has any information on the situation at PACE, it’s current management or anything related please do post but keep those post truthful and factual. If you are referring to other postings lets make sure we say you are referencing another post and not making a statement of fact. I will not tolerate any further post making threats of any type.

  6. BITS of WS Admin says:

    BITS received what it believes to be a valid request by Harlan Cobert to edit the references to him in this thread. In every effort to be factual yet informational the comments that were objected to have been removed and noted as such. Any repeated reference to that subject matter without factual reference such as a link to an official Government site, scanned documents, etc will be removed. Any baseless claims made directly against PACE Airlines or it’s employees and management either past or current in which the intent is to in some way harm either the company or persons will also be removed.

  7. BITS of WS Admin says:

    Well it appears per the Bankruptcy trustee Lee Booth is an “owner” of PACE Airlines. Can’t wait to see some of the documents they have requested in this case.

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