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It appears former CEO William Rodgers has signed away any interest he has in PACE Airlines. In unconfirmed reports Lee Booth has taken what assets were left, primarily FAA Certifications down to a building in Burlington. Former V.P. Stuart Carnie was quoted as saying Rodgers has signed over his interest in the company last week to undisclosed “investors” but all fingers point to Lee Booth. It has been posted on other sites that Booth was the primary investor in PACE near the end and has a history in the aviation field from his ownership of Taylorcraft, a small personal aircraft company he moved to Greensboro back in 1988. Of course rumors abound however the general belief is that Rodgers sold part of PACE to Booth back in September and it was the ownership by Booth that kept an interested party in Dallas from assuming PACE as a whole. The party or group in Dallas wanted 100% ownership and Booth either didn’t want out or wanted more for the assets causing the deal to fall through.

Stuart Carnie further went on to say he had revoked his interest in Rodger’s bond resulting in William Rodgers being rebooked into Forsyth County jail where he remains. This Post has been edited at the request of a person claiming to be Harlan Cobert and due to the content of that email request it is within reason to believe such request was made by him. Until such time as the objection that was raised is shown to be factual by verifiable reference any reference to that issue will be removed from this thread and site.

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