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Probably not the attention Greensboro or this officer wants but the video is making the rounds on multiple websites that have a very large viewership. Basically it appears a small group was holding a “peaceful assembly” when Officer Miller approached the group accusing them of trespass when he saw a handgun on the videographer that submitted uploaded the video. The office then demands to see a State Issued Drivers License, demands to know the age of the person and so on including threatening to detain him. After it appears he understood he wasn’t going to bully the videographer or because of the camera he walks off and appears to radio somebody. Afterwards he returns the group, explains why he has concerns about the assembly and the gun then leaves without further mention or demand for any identification. Clearly if there was any violation of the law the officer would have acted or is he not enforcing the law because he didn’t want to be on camera?

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I can’t say enough on how technology is turning the average person into a field reporter with the advent of camera phones, the Internet and sites like Posterous, or Qik which allows for live broadcasting direct from the iPhone in real or near real time.

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I’ve had so many people get infected with variations of AntiVirus 2009 and each one has said they never loaded anything or “I don’t visit bad sites.” Well here is a perfect example of why what you think you did and what you actually did are not always the same when it comes to the web.

In this case I pulled up a site I think most would consider “safe”, The Christian Science Monitor. However within that page was a redirect to another server located in Germany owned by a guy in Norway. Of course the infected server I was being redirected to could easily be a legit site which has been hacked or a site setup to specifically try to distribute malware and in this case I suspect the latter as no website actually exist on that server. As to the source of the infection my bet is one of the Flash banners on the primary site was the source of the redirect and just one more reason to disable plug ins whenever possible. Instead of a hacker needing to attack Christian Science Monitor all they have to do is go after the company offering up the advertising banners or even sign up as an advertiser.


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