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In what appears to be a final move before the end the owner of PACE Airlines, William Rodgers Sr., suspended all operations citing an instance of vandalism to the car of Stuart Carnie, a top executive. After weeks and weeks of delayed or missing paydays and a layoff of as many as 215 this past Tuesday further troubles started this week with investigations by U.S. Department of Labor, the N.C. Employment Security Commission and N.C. Department of Insurance. The U.S. Department of Labor is looking into possible wage violations and the Fair Labor Standards Act while the N.C. Department if Insurance is looking into the failure of PACE Airlines to make premium payments to insurers for employee insurance when deductions from paychecks had been made for those cost.

The memo sent out to employees citied specifically the incident to Mr. Stuart’s car which was located at the Residence Inn on North Point:

"With consideration of everyone’s personal safety being first and foremost at all times, and not knowing exactly what party has perpetuated this personal attack on Mr. Carnie, or who might be next be attacked, all non-essential personnel will be relieved of their duties and responsibilities, effective immediately upon notice by their supervisor,"

The use of this “personal attack” as cause for the shutdown has been called into question by many of PACE’s employees on various Internet forums and one has to question this considering the “vandalism” was a broken passenger window and theft of a GPS unit left in the car. Of course North Point being North Point there were no less than a half dozen Police reports for the same area from Drug Arrest, Shoplifting and Police Warrant service. The “LARCENY FROM AUTO” one just one of many reports Winston-Salem Police filed in an area some would say has a history of such issues. In fact a similar crime occurred in May at the same address with exactly the same results, a broken passenger window and stolen GPS as well as in April a few doors down. Seems there may be a slight pattern here but I’m no crime expert, ha ha.

According to further reports all aircraft owned by PACE Airlines have been recalled to Winston-Salem except for two one of which is awaiting an FAA check while the other will return at the first of the week. Maintenance contracts with Continental Airlines have been cancelled along with multiple deals for various charters or aircraft contracts. Lastly FalconAir has posted a job listing for Aircraft Mechanics in Winston-Salem on the same day PACE more or less closed their doors, interesting.

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If you haven’t been out I-40 towards Advance of late you may not have seen the new soccer fields for the Twin City Youth Soccer Association. Named the BB&T Soccer Park the facility has some 13 soccer fields with lighting on 9 of them. There is a Field House with lockers, showers, concessions and how’s this, wireless Internet access.

A pretty impressive setup and it didn’t cost $47 million and it actually is completed.

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QuickTime Falls Prey to Malicious Movies and Images

Severity: Medium

9 September, 2009


§ These vulnerabilities affect: QuickTime for OS X or Windows

§ How an attacker exploits them: By enticing your user to click a malicious link or view a maliciously-crafted movie or image

§ Impact: An attacker could execute code on your user’s computer, potentially gaining control of it

§ What to do: Download and install QuickTime 7.6.4 for Windows or OS X (or use Apple’s Software Update tool)


Today, Apple released a security update to fix four vulnerabilities in QuickTime, their popular media player for both Windows and Macintosh OS X. The vulnerabilities differ technically, but all involve various buffer overflow or memory corruption vulnerabilities. They also share the same scope and impact. By luring one of your users into viewing a maliciously crafted movie or image file, an attacker can exploit one of the four QuickTime flaws to execute code on that user’s computer (or, less worrisome, crash QuickTime). Some of the files susceptible to this attack include MPEG-4, H.264, and FlashPix. These vulnerabilities can be exploited on Windows and OS X computers, with differing results. Attackers exploiting these flaws only gain the privilege of the logged in user. OS X separates normal users privileges from root or administrative privileges. So an attacker will not gain complete control of OS X machines with these flaws. However, most Windows users have local administrative privileges. So an attacker could potentially leverage these flaws to gain complete control of Windows machines.

Solution Path:

Apple has released QuickTime 7.6.4 to fix these security issues. Windows and OS X administrators should download, test, and deploy the appropriate update as soon as possible. By default, Apple’s download bundles iTunes with QuickTime, but because iTunes often has security issues of its own, we recommend that you select the option of downloading QuickTime alone.

For All Users:

Because QuickTime handles so many different media types (many of which are essential for doing business today), trying to block exploitable file types using your firewall may not be the best way to support your organization’s mission. Instead, your best solution is to download and install Apple’s fixes.


Apple has released updates to fix these issues.


§ Apple’s September QuickTime advisory

This alert was researched and written by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.

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German Bloggers have published an “Internet Manifesto”, a 17 point statement of where Journalism on the Internet is, where it is going and why it should be allowed to go there.

Internet Manifesto How journalism works today. Seventeen declarations.

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I know this isn’t technically local news or local business related however with all the talk about the Town Hall Meetings I thought everyone would be interested in seeing this one. Representative Baron Hill of Indiana tells a student and other audience members that filming is not allowed because “This Is My Town Hall Meeting”:

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