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If your one of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies that use AIT for web and email hosting then your probably not very happy today. Appears they are down and I mean really down and have been for hours. I was able to pull the following notice off of Google Cache which was at least some information on the issue since you cannot even load AIT’s own servers meaning they don’t have their own product setup in a redundant manner:


By redundant it’s my take that any company of any major size or that runs a critical 247 business should always have their servers setup in multiple locations across the country so that any single facility failure does not result in a system wide failure. In this case without knowing exactly what has happened I can say that AIT should have been able to at the very least change where their records point so a server in California could come up, explain the problem and show they are alive and kicking.

If your not sure if your an AIT customer as they work through resellers you can go to Network Solutions and enter your domain and if your hosted on AIT you will see some reference to that in the Name Server or other records. As of this writing I know this has taken down at least six businesses in the Winston-Salem area many of which rely on email for business.

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