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AS the saying goes, "if it sounds to good…”, well it does of course. This is another online scam this time offering a job with Google without every leaving your home. The kits cost anywhere from $1.95-2.95 on these various sites that are popping up and once they have your account into they start billing you $70 a month. These offers have come across from email to Twitter links and the sites can appear very legit. If you see anything like this just hit DELETE!

Google has now opened it’s doors and will be hiring everyday people to work from the comfort of their own homes posting links. The way this works is Google will allow people to signup and receive a package which will contain all the step by step instructions to get setup from home.

This will allow Google to hire talent in places like Canada that would otherwise be unreachable and compensate them based on results on a long term basis.

What you need: A Computer, an Internet Connection and the desire to make a living working from home. No special skills are required other than knowing how to use a computer and navigate the internet.


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