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Budget Deal Not Complete But A Big License Plate Will Cost You $100

Although the state is still operating without a budget it appears elected officials had time to pass a bill to outlaw large license plate frames and sent the bill to Gov. Perdue to sign. At the same time state Democrat leaders have been meeting to iron out the new $19 billion budget that calls for cuts in school spending for grades 7-12 including staff and teachers, raises the sales tax by a penny which will now include many services as a taxable sale, increase taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, increase income taxes by as much as 3%, and cuts in tax revenue disbursements to local jurisdictions by as much as 66%.

As The Start Of School Nears Local H1N1 Cases Increase

State medical officials stated recently that the number of H1N1 cases in North Carolina has neared 500 with as many as 90 cases in the Triad Region alone. As the start of school nears officials are taking notice and have emphasized good hygiene such as frequent washing of hands however as of now they have no special plans for H1N1 that they wouldn’t apply to any other outbreak.� The CDC has reported as many as 40% of the population will get H1N1 over the next two years and has planned for multiple flu vaccinations started as early as September. For more information in H1N1 visit

North Carolina Fisherman Lost And Presumed Dead At Sea

Michael L. Dodick has been missing since July 9th after being reported late for returning from a fishing trip off Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. On July 10th the Coast Guard located Dodick’s 28 foot boat adrift with the engines running and all fishing lines broken.

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