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Sorry I’m a bit late on this one as I had heard about the pending divorce but not seen any direct information on the subject. It appears though that back in June Judge Reingold closed a divorce hearing between Andrew Filipowski and Veronica Filipowski on a request by Andrew Filipowski citing “trade secrets”.

If your wondering why this is news Andrew Filipowski of Silk Road Technologies is partners with Billy Prim in the development of the new Baseball Stadium which it appears the city will now pay for in full, own and lease back to the Dash owners. The divorce itself has been said is to blame for Andrew Filipowski’s pullout of the partnership to build the stadium which has put the city tax payers on the hook for a $42 million dollar stadium.

The Journal did report on this and that the court documents are still public even if the hearing wasn’t. Veronica Filipowski’s attorneys have citied their billing may exceed $2 million dollars so one can only guess with that with all the business partnerships involved the divorce case will not be quickly concluded thus any partnerships with Prim could certainly be tied up for months or longer. Such uncertainty would seem to make it very risky for any lending source to back Prim which makes one wonder how much the divorce proceedings had anything to do with Prim’s inability to secure his own financing for the stadium which he told the city and it’s taxpayers over and over he would do.

This closing of a divorce case hearing is apparently not very common and again per the Journal Judge Reingold said in his 23 years as a Judge he couldn’t recall closing a hearing. The request came from Andrew Filipowski’s attorney, Joslin Davis of Davis and Harwell, P.A. According to filings by the political committee, “Committee To Keep Judge Reingold” Davis contributed $500 to Judge Reingold’s campaign in 2000.

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