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Unemployment in North Caroline had more than doubled since April 2008 and is higher than the National average for May by 2%. When compared to other states in the Southeast only South Carolina is higher with 11.6%. When we look across the state line at our neighbors we find, Virginia at 7%, Georgia at 9.5%, Florida at 9.7%. What is even worse in comparison is when we look at the so called “Deep South” where one might expected higher unemployment we find both Mississippi at 9.6%, and Alabama at 9.3%. Louisiana with it’s 6.3% is almost half of North Carolina’s unemployment rate!.


So what are these states doing that a state with $4.7 BILLION budget deficit isn’t doing? What are these states doing that Governor Bev Purdue isn’t doing with her proposed $1.6 BILLION in new taxes? What are these states doing that Governor Bev Purdue isn’t doing with her proposed Recreation Tax which will likely force summer day camps in this state to close?

Well for one the Governor is calling for a $1 tax increase on Tobacco, you know that product that use to be King and allowed North Carolina to give away tax incentives to companies like Dell. Oh and speaking of Dell the Democratically controlled Legislature gave away how many million both on and off the books to Dell to open a plant which currently employs maybe 500 people after it’s month by month layoffs? Of course we should mention that Dell has been trying to sell their plant outside Kernersville for well over a year with no buyers. Let’s not forget to mention our local leaders who also tossed in tax money to get Dell here, you know the ones that just gave away $0 million for a new PRIVATELY OWNED ballpark! But wait they are not done yet giving away tax dollars as they have decided again to give away millions, $46 million this time, to Apple to open a warehouse that will employ maybe 100 people sometime in the future. Let’s not forget to mention the 616 Million dollar Toll Road Project in Raleigh which is being funded by the sale of bonds that rated BBB-, the lowest investment grade rating, so low they will have to be backed by insurance to get anyone to buy them. But let’s give Purdue a break I guess as she has a plan to employ us all by making us extras in all those movies made in North Carolina with her proposed tax incentives to film makers. Of course as I posted here a few weeks back all our budget issues will be solved by the illegal taxing of providers of online sales which prompted Amazon to pull all it’s affiliates from North Carolina which in turn not only didn’t generate any new revenue but of course resulted in even less revenue to the state and and job losses to it’s citizens.

So I guess you get what you pay for or in this case the citizens of North Carolina got what they voted for year after year, higher taxes, more job loss and a total break down in our Government.

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