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Looks like more North Carolina Government officials are under investigation as on Friday the FBI served a subpoena on Ex-Governor Easley, or rather on the Highway Patrol,� for records pertaining to his use of Private Jets as far back as 2000. There is a Grand Jury investigation going on tied to the N.C. Board Of Elections investigation on trips Easley took as well as vehicles he and his family used.

Captain Alan Melvin of the N.C. Highway Patrol’s “Protection Unit” which is in charge of the Governor’s security has apparently been requested to testify before the Grand Jury and as of Friday afternoon was placed on “administrative duties:.. The subpoena for records are reported to state they want all records and documents related to the destruction of records linked to the travel of the Governor and his family. Per WRAL the reason for Capt. Melvin’s placement on “administrative duties” is the Highway Patrol is looking into why some of the ex-Gov’s travel records for 2005 are missing.�

The story goes on getting even more messy as election officials questioned the use of vehicles used by the ex-Governor and his family as well as a property purchase and the ex-Governors wife’s employment with North Carolina State University. So far the ex-Governor has “amended” campaign financial records and paid nearly $7,000 as well as almost another $3,000 in interest for a GMC Yukon Bleecker Old/GMC had provided Easley’s son which originally the ex-Governor stated was covered under a personal lease. State Board of Elections Executive Director Gary Bartlett is quoted as saying he expects further “amended” returns to be filed. On top of this N.C. State Provost Larry Nielsen resigned Thursday, citing stress over questions about his hiring of Mary Easley in 2005 and an 88 percent raise awarded to her last year and McQueen Campbell, an Easley supporter who provided for some of the private Jet filgiths, resigned Friday as chairman of N.C. State’s Board of Trustees. Lastly, for now, the marketing company associated with Cannonsgate says they were cooperating with investigations into the ex-Governors $555,000 purchase of a 1/3 acre, waterfront,� lot within the development.


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