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Harris Teeter has recalled all of it store branded pistachios. All Natural Roasted & Salted Pistachios are under recall by their manufacturer, Bremner Food Group. The recall applies to all dates of Harris Teeter-brand pistachios sold in 12-ounce sizes under the Universal Product Code: #007203653117. The recall is part of the greater recall and investigation into salmonella contamination at the Setton Pistachio facility in Terra Bella, CA.

Product Recalls

Thank you for visiting the Harris Teeter Recall Page. As you know, product quality and integrity are paramount to our company. We promise to make you aware of product recalls via this page. In addition we can communicate to you Class I recalls via e-mail or by phone.
However, we need your help. To receive Class I product recall information via phone or by e-mail you will need to update your VIC card information. Being a VIC card member provides a variety of benefits including: weekly specials, raising money for schools, entry into sweepstakes, loyalty rewards, and now up to date recall data on the foods you purchase. Please take a minute to update your current information in our VIC database.
Harris Teeter prides itself on providing you with the best in customer service. Communicating product recalls in a timely manner is another way to show you we care.

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FDA Pistachio Investigation

Recall Date:�

Was Available at Harris Teeter:�

UPC/Product Codes Affected:

Below is a list of products that Harris Teeter has pulled from its store shelves in compliance with recalls issued by the FDA in accordance to the pistachio investigation.
1.� Planters Light Salted Nutrition Mix – UPC #2900005957, size 9.75 oz.
2.� Planters Dry Roasted Pistachio – UPC #2900007774, size 16 oz.
3.� Planters Mixed Nuts & Raisins – UPC #2900007879, size 6 oz.
4.� Ciao Bella Pistachio Gelato Single Serve – UPC #79951201507, size 3.5 oz
���� Lot Numbers: 09021; 09027; 09028;09063; 09068; 09076; 09085; 09086
5.� Roasted Salted Pistachios – UPC #9418451208, size 12 oz.
6.� Harris Teeter Natural Roasted & Salted Pistachios – UPC #7203653117,
���� size 12 oz.

Harris Teeter Naturals Roasted & Salted Pistachios


Harris Teeter strives to provide its shoppers with the best in customer service.� The FDA is working in compliance with Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. in California to investigate a potential contamination of the company’s pistachio products with salmonella.� Currently, Setton Farms is recalling pistachios produced at their facility after September 1, 2008.
We will continue to closely monitor the investigation and should the recall widen, Harris Teeter will remove all products that may be affected from its store shelves immediately.

For More Information:

For the latest information on the FDA pistachio investigation, please refer to�� You may also visit to view a list of products not affected by the pistachio recall.� This website was developed by Cal-Pure co-op of California Pistachio Growers adn the Western Pistachio Association, and the FDA is not responsible for its contents.

Harris Teeter Recall


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