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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to members and guests of the Asia Society Feb. 13, 2009, in New York City. Secretary Clinton’s speech was made ahead of her first official trip to the East Asian countries.

“In a swift about face from her views as New York’s senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now hammering Israel over its treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.”

In a shocking development the Obama administration has tasked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with chastising the Israeli state while giving Hamas $900 million to rebuild the damage caused by the military action taken by Israel.

Citing Hamas as the forward foot soldiers of the Iranian terror state, the Israeli government and supporters around the world reacted with shock in what can clearly be seen as favoring a terrorist state over a long time friend. This stark shift in foreign policy can only bring into question how the Obama administration views a terror state that has been the consistent aggressor versus the one that has been it’s target since its’ creation.

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