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Well a game that was not suppose to be much of game turned out to be the opposite. Pittsburg came down the field trailing by 3 with only 49 seconds in the game. Then in classic Super Bowl style two tosses to the corner for Holmes, one miss and one perfect catch puts Pittsburg up to stay.


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One Response to “Pittsburg Wins Super Bowl With A Super Bowl Catch”
  1. Sophist says:

    For the second time in as many appearances and wins, the victory has been tainted by bad calls and lack of calls that could have changed the outcome of the game. In the last game against the Seahawks a TD call on Big Ben when his knee was actually down before the ball broke the plane of the goal line gave the Steelers 7 undeserved points. A bad pass interference call in the endzone ended up with a 1st and 10 on the one which the Steelers parleyed into another undeserved 7 points.

    This time there was a failure to call a celebration penalty in the endzone after the score which would have had the Steelers kicking off at the 15. The fumble that ended the game was, on closer scrutiny, an incomplete pass as it was clear that Warners arm was going forward and that the play should have been sent to the booth for review. In any case, with the circumstances thus changed the Cardinals would have had a chance, but as has been the case the last two times the Steelers stole the show the refs managed to help assure the outcome.

    The problem with sports is that you can’t remove the emotion from the game or the officials. Over the last ten years the officials have shown that they collectively have the IQ of “The Cookie Monster,” and that they very often forget their jobs and act on their personal prejudices.

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