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You know, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the “Stimulus” bill that is being pushed through Congress is nothing more than a spending bill and a burden that will fall squarley on our children and grand children. That is just plain obscene and demonstrates how little the people of this country care about what they force on the coming generations, because this will not be repaid literally for a century or more.�

The $700 Billion TARP rescue package that was pushed through Congress by the Bush administration has now exceeded $2 Trillion in spending. That doesn’t include interest on the money that has to be borrowed in order to pay for it.Those who got some of this money spent it frivolously on comforts, bonuses, or acquisitions to make themselves too big to fail. The voter base did not support it but it was voted through anyway, and the members of Congress who did it were re-elected. So, are we really that stupid?

The current $825 Billion stimulus package pays for $500 rebates to illegal immigrants, ATV trails, new grass on the mall, Honeybee, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Fish barriers, Arts and Humanties, I mean what part of this stimulates anything more than our ire. Well it’s a spending bill and it has nothing stimulative about it, but apparently we’re this stupid too.

Consider this: Without any additional collateralization the money supply has been increased 1000% or more just to flood the marketplace with currency just since last September. The national debt exceededs $15 Trillion. The dow is down %50 in just the last 6 months. Inflation on an unprecedented scale looms around the corner and the dollar itself may collapse with this kind of fiscal leadership. I ask the question again: Are we all this stupid?

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