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Well it’s back apparently and is able to get around most malware protection. Prior versions had pretty much been dealt with by Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool as well as most antivirus vendors which detect a broad range of bugs instead of just viruses. This new release so far has infected a good half dozen machines that we have seen and all of these were all protected against the prior versions. The nice thing I guess is it’s pretty easy to spot that a machine is infected and what it’s infected with:


They are not shy about saying what has taken control of your machine so PLEASE do not click the link to purchasing Antivirus 2009!

Removal takes a bit of work and knowledge of Windows Safe Mode as well as how Windows loads programs at Boot. We of course suggest you contact your IT provider as it is possible your machine needs more in depth cleaning since if you got infected with one piece of Malware (Spyware/Adware) there may be more hiding on your system.

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