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If you have turned on the TV any time recently you may have seen a scrolling banner across a number of channels warning you that Time Warner was cutting some 18 channels from your local cable channel list and for you to call a number to voice your concern. If your wondering what this is all about it boils down to money. Viacom which owns the rights to things like SpongeBob want some $39 million in new fees from Time Warner and to date Time Warner has refused. Viacom has step up and said they will pull the plug at midnight tonight if a deal is not reached.

Now before you go thinking this is all Time Warner’s fault remember that any increase in fees they pay will result in higher fees paid by it’s subscribers. As more and more people move to the Internet for their entertainment the almightily advertising dollar is moving from Comedy Central to sites like Hulu. Viacom may ask for $39 million today to cover their shrinking revenues but will it end there?

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