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If you currently use a Smartphone with Verizon you may want to go by the store or call customer service ASAP to confirm what packages are available to you for what phones because as of November 14th, 2008 Verizon will require a $29.99 data plan for all data capable phones. Current Verizon customers on a plan with no data plan but a Web 2.0 phone will not be required to change their current plan however if you go into Verizon on November 14th and want that high end phone which also has Internet Access you WILL BE required to buy a data plan.

This is at least the rumor based on a “leaked” document from Verizon and it appears legit enough to be worth confirming what your options are. Verizon is slated to release multiple “SmartPhones” including the Blackberry Storm and with this plan change going into effect on the 14th it’s safe to say that’s the day most of these phones will be released. Granted what use is a Storm without data however many people prefer the higher end phones so they can get things like an MP3 player, speaker phone, Bluetooth, etc which very often only comes on the phones which also support Internet Access. My phone falls into this class and although it is several years old and has Mobile Web I have no data plan as I don’t want Internet Access on this phone. If I was to walk into Verizon on the 14th and bought my same model I would have to not only pay for our nationwide phone service we use but also another $30 for something I have no use for or at least that’s how it appears.

So if your thinking of changing phones or even want to lock in the current Pay As You Go plans you better get over to Verizon before the 14th:

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