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On Friday the station I tend to use was out of Regular and today they were out of everything but Regular:


I just happened to be travelling to Boone for the day and on the way up and back I kept tab on the stations as I passed them by and I would say at least 90% of them had plastic bags on various pump handles. For the most part it appeared they had Regular but no other grades although at least two stations I passed were totally out of all grades.

On top of shortages gas prices in North Carolina rank 4th highest in the US. Only Alaska, Hawaii and Georgia have higher gas prices with the national average being some 30 cents per gallon lower than the $3.83 average North Carolinians are paying. Regular gas just to our north in Virginia is running $3.54 a gallon, yes you heard right 30 cents less just a few miles up highway 52.

So weeks after Ike we are still running out of gas in North Carolina with reports coming in from Charlotte that only one in seven stations open. Governor Easley has reported that things should be back to more or less normal sometime this week, how many of you are holding your breath?

Another local sign of which you have probably seen although I’m not really sure what it’s suppose to do (due) to actually help with the problem.


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