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First it should be said that this is purely an opinion piece that will endeavor to go out of its’ way to make the points central to the article without making specific reference to people or points of view. The point of this article is to express the opinion that a large segment of America has lost its ability to think independently and critically determine the truth of the information that opinions and decisions that go into the conduct of daily life.

Clearly it is a different age in which information is abundant and outlets can be found in some unlikely places. The internet has become the source celeb for a good deal of information, but the veracity and background attending that information can often be suspect. Very often the intellectually lazy will confine themselves to opinions of individuals without understanding or regard for the motives or agendas that may be behind whatever has been said. It is easy, for example, to use the discussion of solar energy and photo voltaic cells advertised without making the battery requirements and the attendant cost plain in their literature. They also fail to point out that the technology is outdated and fail to point to nanotechnology that is making the process much more affordable reducing the cost closer to one sixth of what silicon based technology has to offer. It’s a clearer example that is easy to understand and that points out what the interests at work that would seek to color the information.

Since the turn of this century the fourth estate, once a bastion of truth, honor, and integrity, has lost its’ way completely. Far from failing to report accurately and objectively on the events of the day, they have come to the place where they select the news they want their readers to have and slant it to serve their own financial, political, or power based agendas. It has become a debacle of calamitous proportions that will be noted in history and commented on as the greatest low that the media has sunk to of all time. It is actually reminiscent of the kind of propaganda that mimics the philosophy of the communist state or the blueprint from Orwell’s 1984. It’s shameful because there are plenty of people who know that this condition exists but who are simply either too complacent or apathetic to get out and do something about it.

But let’s go a step further. The Congress of the USA under it’s current leadership has an approval rating of 17% and no one in America is making a serious effort to change it. The people in charge of fixing the current financial meltdown are the very people who were responsible for causing it. They take money out of your pockets and spend it on ridiculous things that have nothing to do with our daily lives and our best interests. let’s be frank here, there is a 54 trillion dollar debt that is going to grow by 1.06 trillion more dollars if the current political leadership has its way. What other than the maintenance of the interstate highways and the National Defense do we really need the Federal Government to do? It seems to me that we have given up many more freedoms to individuals whose greatest interest is the retention of power and status. Don’t get me wrong, there are those in politics who really try to serve, but it’s hard to argue that most don’t just serve themselves.

Understanding that what follows is a thinking process and requires no disruption of the society other than replacing fools who can’t lead, I cannot help but wonder how does one contemplate the beginning of a revolution? How do you admit to yourself that the political system under which you have lived your whole life has become so corrupt and so morally depraved that it has become a negative influence those who must exist within that system? How do you accept the fact that the information handlers in the public marketplace corrupt the information and tell you only what they want you to think?

What do you tell your children when you know that the future they face will be so burdensome and immoral as to deprive them of the pleasures and privileges that we who have gone before them have squandered? As I look at my children and the world we are poised to allow them to inherit, I am ashamed to admit that I had a part in creating that future. I can only hang my head and realize that if we had had the courage to change it before it got this bad we could have given them the better world our parents gave to us. But alas, there was an intelligence deficit we could not overcome.

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