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After months of pushing and shoving, which obviously lead to Bob McCoy taking a “medical leave”, it appears Ted Kaplan may have his way, sort of. Today the Forsyth County Tourism Development Authority has divided the task of who will be the next Chairman by selecting Two “Chair’Women”. The vote was taken and in due course the only way to get anything done appears to be selecting two people to switch off as chair, each getting six months at bat while the other plays second fiddle as vice “chair’woman”.

Pat Bryan and Vivian Burke will serve six months each with Bryan having first at bat until December when Burke will reverse roles with her. Considering Kaplan has been arguing that the TDA is top heavy and spends to much on administrative costs it will be interesting to hear his take on this. In just the past few months he has tried to slash funding for the TDA only to take part in this compromise appointing two people to share a post for a year instead of maybe looking outside for one person to take the normal two year appointment.

It did appear as though Kaplan has made his point with the approval of nearly $50,000 to go towards several local events such as a Celebrity bowling event in September and robotic dinosaurs at SciWorks both of which actually are tourist drawing events however the “tourist” for either event in my opinion will be relatively local so is anything gained? Then again $50,000 out of a nearly 3 million dollar budget is snack money isn’t it?

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