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You probably have not noticed but in case you are a Usenet user you can no longer access Usenet via your Road Runner Account.


The lie is that they stopped this service because of low usage which for one makes no sense and two it is contrary to their public statements and the facts. The truth is they saw a chance to reduce services and cost, exposure to political pressure as well as limit potential legal threats by using a broad hand to slash the entire Usenet service and not filter or govern it’s use. The EFF has posted on the subject as a violation of First Amendment rights but unless they are going to file a case what user of RR is going to take them to court? While I completely agree that Time Warner went to far and did not do this to stop child pornography I don’t think anyone could make the argument in court that Usenet access provided by your ISP is a First Amendment right as there are far to many other sources for you to voice your opinions including third party providers of Usenet. The argument I think you could make is that Time Warner has violated the contract with their users in no longer providing a service which they were and still are billing for. As there has been no reduction in my bill from Time Warner yet they have reduced the service provided you could easily make the argument but would you win, well let me know 😉

BTW absent from the above list of Usenet providers is Giganews which has long been known as the Usenet Provider of choice as it has very fast downloads, a very long retention rate on post and probably the reason it’s not listed is they offer accounts that are both encrypted and bypass any Time Warner bandwidth caps which have long rumored to exist for Usenet. In case your wanting your Usenet back Giganews is offering a special for Time Warner / RR customers.

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