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Here’s a perfect example of why businesses need to understand technology, the law and how both relate to each other. I have no idea if the author of this site or the business he is waging war against is in the right but in the long run the "right" isn’t important but the airing of business information is.

This blog exists to warn EVERYONE about the many misdeeds done to the staff and customers of Applied Technology, Inc. Based out of Kenansville, North Carolina and owned by Mr. Mohamed El-Gamal, this company has treated more employees poorly than anyone I’ve ever had the displeasure to work with. Details will be forthcoming on this blog.

Dr. Moe has seen fit to threaten me with legal action for having this blog on the Internet. As such, I am recording all our communications between each other here, along with all the original related emails.

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2 Responses to “Free Speach Or Not? Employee Blogs…”
  1. Actually, I am the author of the site in question.

    According to North Carolina law, what I’ve done is completely legal. Am I proud of it? No. In fact, I hate that its had to come this far.

    But how do you get your money back when your employer owes you over nine thousand dollars, your partners about three thousand dollars each, and one of my consultants over 30 thousand? All of those parties with the exception of the consultant were employees, none of whom are capable of sustaining a lawsuit against an evil man who has taken them for their money and who can afford a costly battle in court.

    Further, I’ve got legitimate proof that the Federal Government has Mohamed ElGamal under investigation for criminally exporting equipment to terrorist sponsored states. (Libya was still considered a terrorist sponsored state when this happened. It currently is no longer regarded with that status.)

    I lost my job because of his criminal activities, nearly got investigated by the federal grand jury myself. I personally had to sit before the United States Attorney General’s office (Tony Asuncion) and explain to the federal grand jury about what he’s done to myself, to others, and with regards to his criminal activity.

    If you look at the site, everything I stated is documented in proof. There is no conjecture, no speculation, and no libel. I’m warning others the way I wish I’d been warned myself before I lost my entire savings working for this man. He’s a criminal and a crook. (And those are both facts too, thus not subject to libel.)

    And on a parting note: I was never an “employee” of his company. I was an independent contractor, hired to do the job. Failure to provide payment for the services makes all that information still my property to disseminate as I see fit on the internet.

    (I’m tired, so I apologize if this sounds grumpy. lol. I’ll go to bed now!) I welcome any further deliberation on the subject if anyone finds it of interest.

  2. JamesB says:

    I was not taking sides in this point making the point that businesses need to be aware of how easy it is to air what they might consider private information to a very large audience. Also businesses need to be tech savvy enough to be able to find post such as yours be they blogs, tweets, IM’s or whatever else pops up and address what they find if needed.

    I had to take my last employer to court for back pay so you will not see me disagree with your right to post your point of view on what has gone on with your prior employer as long as what you say is backed by fact and is not actionable.

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