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I keep telling people about the risk associated with using "convenience" services such as wifi hotspots and although I use the local Panera Bread on a weekly basis I like to think I am aware of the risk and know how to protect my systems. Just as I’ve pointed out the risk of "evil twin" hotspots I want to share with you what is apparently not a well know security problem with Bluetooth.

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Everyone should be aware that if your headset is on it can be used to listen in on your surroundings. Please note this is not limited to cell phone BT headsets but rather any Bluetooth device can be hacked in a similar way.

I know your all saying nothing I say on the phone is a security risk or a threat to my business but all of you saying that I want you to think back to those conversations and ask yourself did you ever repeat a credit card number, account number, password or other key private data? Yeah I thought so. Now think about those conversations and how many times have you verified the person you were talking to was not using a Bluetooth headset? Yeah I thought so.

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