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I have to bite my fingers not to get political on this blog but this is one time the politics relate to your tax dollars. The county has asked a Federal Judge to dismiss a case brought by Janet Joyner and Constance Lynn Blackmon against the county for sponsoring sectarian prayer at County Board meetings.

The reason I couldn’t bite my fingers this time is due to the absolutely brilliant quotes by the attorney representing the County, Mike Johnson.

"The First Amendment does not provide any of us with a right to not be offended," said Mike Johnson, the lead Alliance Defense Fund attorney for the county. "There are a lot of things that are said in the public square that I may not agree with but I don’t have the right to silence."� link:

I’m not going to take sides in the debate by posting my own position on this however I had to post what must be considered one of the few times a lawyer actually says something in plain English and hit the nail on the head.

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