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I keep telling people about the risk associated with using "convenience" services such as wifi hotspots and although I use the local Panera Bread on a weekly basis I like to think I am aware of the risk and know how to protect my systems. Just as I’ve pointed out the risk of "evil twin" hotspots I want to share with you what is apparently not a well know security problem with Bluetooth.

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Everyone should be aware that if your headset is on it can be used to listen in on your surroundings. Please note this is not limited to cell phone BT headsets but rather any Bluetooth device can be hacked in a similar way.

I know your all saying nothing I say on the phone is a security risk or a threat to my business but all of you saying that I want you to think back to those conversations and ask yourself did you ever repeat a credit card number, account number, password or other key private data? Yeah I thought so. Now think about those conversations and how many times have you verified the person you were talking to was not using a Bluetooth headset? Yeah I thought so.

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I have to bite my fingers not to get political on this blog but this is one time the politics relate to your tax dollars. The county has asked a Federal Judge to dismiss a case brought by Janet Joyner and Constance Lynn Blackmon against the county for sponsoring sectarian prayer at County Board meetings.

The reason I couldn’t bite my fingers this time is due to the absolutely brilliant quotes by the attorney representing the County, Mike Johnson.

"The First Amendment does not provide any of us with a right to not be offended," said Mike Johnson, the lead Alliance Defense Fund attorney for the county. "There are a lot of things that are said in the public square that I may not agree with but I don’t have the right to silence."� link:

I’m not going to take sides in the debate by posting my own position on this however I had to post what must be considered one of the few times a lawyer actually says something in plain English and hit the nail on the head.

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There is no single defining characteristic that encompasses an entrepreneur. Successful business people have a combination of personal qualities, motivations and outside influences that help them to focus and drive a business forward. This business personality is quite separate from any experience or qualifications that a person may have.

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Someone is wrong on the Internet

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Charlotte parking deck collapses.

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Granted as far as I know these are not made at the Winston-Salem plant however they do appear to have some nice features and look somewhat Mac’ish. These will not be out for some time yet but the new models are in the consumer level line, Inspiron, and are the 1435, 1535 and 1735.



Up to Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz T5850
3G Option
BlueRay Option (slot loaded, aka Mac style)

Expect to see these rolling out starting in June.

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If your in the market for a new LCD HD TV then you may want to wait a little longer. Word is Sony is cutting prices 20-30% in May which of course will force others to follow. Expect to see as much as $500 off on the Sony 46-inch model.

Just a tip that might save you enough cash to buy a few tanks of gas 😉

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