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City Councilwoman Vivian Burke appears to have noticed something that most of us who read or watch the news have probably noticed some time ago, Crime Is Up In Winston-Salem! It appears the 25% increase in armed robbery alone has finally drawn attention to something that most would consider obvious yet you have to wonder about the convection of the city when they "tippy toe" over the problem.

In this report from WGHP’s website Burke is quoted as saying:

"It’s certainly very troubling and could be indicative of a number of things: downturn of the economy, increase in gang activity, to a number of things.  But it is something we have got to get a hold of very quickly,"

Troubling? Indicative of a slowing economy? Oh please I think we know the problem source, just say it. Greensboro has at least acknowledged the problem but with statewide laws which make us a destination resort can any city do anything about the problem if Raleigh keeps passing Illegal Alien Benefit Acts?

I’m glad to see the councilwoman noticing what most of us already know but can we please stop the political correctness and point the finder at the problem?

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