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I have been getting tons of calls from these people and as a general rule I do not return or answer calls from unknown numbers, numbers without Caller ID or contain cryptic messages left on the answering machine or voicemail. As such these guys fall into all the above but I finally called back tonight and after 20 minutes of asking who they were, what they were and them refusing to give me any information I did some digging and found out exactly who they are and since no place on the Internet has this information but lots of people searching for the owner of the numbers I thought I’d put it all in one place.

(Note they are a collection Agency and after confirming I am not the one they want they did say they would stop calling but were VERY rude getting to that point.)

Genesee Valley Associates, Inc.


Genesee Valley Associates
113 Main St
Batavia, NY 14020

333 Metro Park
STE F203
Rochester, NY 14623
Henrietta, NY 14623
Phone Numbers: (585) 278-1693
(800) 218-8828
(585) 278-1370
(800) 392 3100
(800) 921-0001
(585) 278-1691
(585) 343-3338
(585) 278-1611 (Fax)
Contact Email/Web [email protected] (Dead)
Associated Names Mike Rush
BBB Complaints Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to unanswered complaint(s).

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General Web Comments:

"If the caller is calling from Genesee Valley with a phone number of 585-278-1691 and the caller uses the name Mike Rush and leaves a call back number of 1-800-921-0001, be aware. He will tell you that you owe $10k or $15k and he is willing to except $8k or $4k to settle the debt, hang up and call the federal trade commission or use this link, and file a consumer complaint."

From everything I can gather they may be a Collection Agency but they appear to go after old debts which probably cannot be collected on in the first place, will call even after being told not to, will charge more than the agreed upon amount if you give them any financial information. The simple fact they refuse to give you any information about who they are, hide behind blind phone numbers, refuse to say where they are located and will hang up on you if you press them for information I would not suggest anyone deal directly with these guys without an attorney.

If any of the above information is incorrect or you have anything to add please leave a comment. If your from Genesee Valley Associates then tell your bosses you’ve been busted, we know who you are.

To the readers as is always the case do not give out information on the phone, do not give out your SS#, do not fall for any scam on the phone or on the Internet that you would not fall for in person.

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