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That is the question the City Council is trying to figure out when it comes to the proposed downtown Ball Park. One would think everything has already been set since construction or land preparation has been going on for some four months but apparently not. To date it appears the city owes some 4 million in ground prep construction cost and has yet to sign the contract or even decide on the final contract between the City and Sports Menagerie Corp, the business started by Warthogs owners Billy Prim and Andrew Filipowski.

Yet to be decided are final plans for who will own the stadium after the 20 year contract, how much parking and open space is to be set aside and of course the name of the game, incentive payouts. With nearly $200 million being proposed for a private project of which both the city and county are putting up millions who owns the stadium is rather important one would think.

The City will hold an open hearing on November 19th but expect this to be a required formality and not an open forum to discuss changes.

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