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I got this in email some time back and keep meaning to Blog about it but never really got around to it. I noticed however here of late a large number of TV spots by where they use a real seedy guy to attempt to run the same scam as you see in the email below but he does it in person so it made me go dig this up and type out a quick post.

Anyway I am always amazed that this stuff gets anyone clicking and following the links however it’s obvious it does or they wouldn’t keep trying. The group putting up these series of commercials is which is backed by the National Consumer League and has some decent material on their site to get you thinking about if it’s a scam or not. Of course my rule is “if it sounds too good”, ah you’ve heard that one huh, well DUH!

So if you get this type of stuff in your email or anything else that sounds too good to be true please just hit !

FraudTest:    TV Spot:

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