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WOW, what could anyone ask for after a week of much needed rain other than a perfect Carolina Saturday, Music, Food and all around good time?

This years Festival has to be the biggest yet from my experience with estimated numbers exceeding 175,000 showing up. It’s hard to verify those numbers since the festival is free, parking is provided by ‘any place you can find’ and no real way of counting heads. I suspect those numbers are a bit high however it was clear the attendance was well up from last year in my opinion. I can say that as we left Lexington around 2PM the line of cars coming into Lexington on Highway 8 was backed up almost to 52 which is around 2 miles. SandyPig

The Festival was much like last years with many of the same vendors in the same locations which can be a plus. The children’s area was a big hit as usual and could really be expand a bit with lines running 5 minutes or more for some rides and those of you with children know that waiting in line is not an easy task. As always the BBQ was great and the folks working the booths appeared to be having a good time and actually were more pleasant than many a wait staff I’ve seen lately (but that’s another blog).

In concert this year was was Trisha Yearwood among others and the regulars like Chairmen of the Board. Not knocking any of the other acts but getting Trisha Yearwood I would say had to be a huge draw as I saw folks staking out a claim to areas in front of the bandstand a good two hours or more before she went on. Trisha Yearwood said on stage that she “was not expecting this many people” as the crowd around the Grandstand came to a standstill during her show.

In general the Festival is a huge hit and they could probably expand it to multiple days drawing in thousands more. My only negative comments would be that Stage 4 needs to be moved back out of the intersection as it creates a huge people jam, the children’s area should be expanded and people if you smoke please don’t do it while walking in a mass of other people, find a corner out of the way and light up but not two steps in front of me.

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