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Winston-Salem City County Utilities announced on Tuesday that all customers should stop using sprinklers as part of Governor Easley’s request that residents of North Carolina reduce their water consumption by 50% in a week.

What I find interesting about this is just last Friday I emailed David Saunders, the Director of City/County Utilities, concerning businesses using sprinklers to the point the run-off was staining the parking lot and got ZERO response from him or the Department.

For the record here’s a few images of an UNOCCUPIED business building that daily runs it’s sprinklers to the point you could surf the parking lot. I know in these images the water is not raging however one can see by the stains on the pavement this is a daily event and when I first spotted this the water running across the parking lot was at least 2 inches deep.

The reason I bring this up is because as I drove around today, the same day they asked everyone to cut water use by 50% I drove by at least 6 businesses with similar or worse water waste. If the city is this concerned about water use they could cut water use by half just driving down Stratford or any other main business drag in Winston-Salem and seeing the streams of water running down the drain. I have an idea, why not add a way on the Utilities website for the public to report water waste?

Sorry guys but until I see some brown grass in front of the businesses in Winston-Salem I certainly am not going to let the last five years of grooming my yard go to waste by letting it die.

While I’m on the subject has anyone seen the Gov’s ride lately to see if it’s all dirty, “a bit of mud on the car must be a badge of honor.” Governor Easley, 10/16/2007

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Folks in and around Winston-Salem may have noticed something strange in the sky the past few days and I’ll admit I actually called somebody that was much closer to the object in the sky when I first saw it.

CavemanAbout an hour later I got a pretty good view of what it was and now I’m even more confused than I was before I figured out what it was I was seeing.

Now not that a plane flying a banner is something new, you see them at the beach all the time, but a plane flying a GEICO Caveman banner over Winston-Salem? First we have Washington, DC saying staffers need diphtheria shots before going to a NASCAR Race in Concord and now GEICO marketing their Caveman to Carolinians? Is GEICO trying to say something about Winston-Salem? (By The Way diphtheria has more or less been wiped out in developed countries with only 5 cases in the US since 2000.)

What actually got me was an insurance company flying a banner up and down a major Interstate, I-40, which was an obvious move to catch the eye of drivers on the road, you know those same drivers that are suppose to be ‘watching the road’!

So the next time you look up and see something in sky don’t worry it’s just a Caveman.

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