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As I mentioned the other day SkyBus was being courted by PTIA and several local Governments to expand it’s service to and from PTIA and just after I posted that information it appears it’s happening. Starting at 6AM on Tuesday tickets will go on sale for flights between Greensboro and St. Augustine, FL. Along with that news comes information that SkyBus will also increase it’s flights from PTIA to Columbus, OH to two flights a day starting in January 2008.

Probably he biggest news though is that SkyBus will make PTIA one of it’s new hubs which is huge news for anyone who is a regular patron of PTIA. As those of us that fly out of PTIA know the number of airlines and flights from PTIA have fallen over the years and you can rarely fly directly from PTIA to anywhere other than Atlanta or Charlotte. The news announced on Monday includes flights to Hartford, CT., Boston, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, FL., Fort Myers, FL., Fort Lauderdale, FL., and Gulfport, MS.

Other flight news or rumor is that SkyBus will run flights to the Bahamas possible from PTIA as early as March 2008.

This could be a huge benefit to all travelers from and to PTIA as one thing PTIA has needed is competition. Not only that but the news is this could bring in as many as 400 new jobs to the area with average salaries being in the mid 40’s.

Now if they will just add flights to Portland, OR, upstate NY and Reno, NV I could be a happy camper.

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