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"The deal has been absolutely worth it," said Winston-Salem Business Inc.’s Bob Leak Jr., who also was the top negotiator for the local incentives. "Dell is at or above all measures we have on its performance at this point."


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One Response to “"Dell’s North Carolina plant praised, criticized 2 years later"”
  1. JamesB says:

    I started to post the below as part of the “news” post but decided instead to put my comments in as “comments”.

    I’m not going to come out for or against if the Dell Incentive was worth it, primarily because I don’t think after two years you can say one way or the other. I am going to say that first off I don’t think the deal as it was done should have been done and as reported I feel the various Governing bodies gave away far too much for what the may see in return.

    As to the Long Term benefits or cost I don’t think we have even started seeing the numbers or for that matter ever will. By that it’s my opinion there are millions in cost outside of the incentive package which will never be released or for that matter even acknowledged by those that fought for this package. A short list of “cost” I’ve not seen in anyone’s numbers would include:

    1. The extensive road construction on the Union Cross exit ramp which was done for Dell.
    2. Road construction from Glenn H.S. to the Dell Plant area.
    3. Paving projects on Glenn High Road.
    4. Paving of only certain side streets of certain developments such as Brookmont Drive some of which the I-40 loop will be taking
    5. Increased emissions from trucks and commuters, The Triad already made the Top 25 Worst Ozone list in the US.
    6. Glenn High relocation, can that High School remain in the middle of what will become a huge business retail area?
    7. Road repair from heavy trucks using roads such as Glenn High Rd. which they are not suppose to be using.
    8. Due to increased truck and commuter traffic the potential for an accident involving students or even a bus have sky rocketed
    9. Property values have risen thus the tax burden, not a plus for many in the area

    I sure the list could go on but I think my point has been made that the cost vs. benefit is far from clear and taking the word of a business leader, who by his own words was at the forefront of bring Dell to the area, that the Dell deal was a good deal falls pretty flat on this reader.

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